Review: Simkins Design Group’s Egg Brake

posted May 25, 2010, 8:32 AM by Donald Vescio

Most reductions in aerodynamic drag take place on the front end of the bike—the goal is to have a smooth, continuous surface to facilitate efficient air flow around the bike and its components.   There have been a number of attempts to create aerodynamically clean front brakes to assist in this process, but most represented significant compromises in braking performance.

Simkins Design Group’s Egg brake is one the very few aerodynamically efficient front brakes on the market that is both easy to set-up and which offers significant stopping power.


By moving the brake caliper arms inward, Simkins is able to produce a brake whose shape follows the curve of most fork crowns, thus yielding a remarkable—and measurable—improvement in front end aerodynamics.  The Egg Brake is easy to install and Simkins’ customer service is second to none.


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