Planet X

posted Jun 27, 2011, 5:39 PM by Donald Vescio   [ updated Jan 2, 2012, 4:26 PM ]
I've been slowly working my way toward using my TT bike this season.  Because of the nerve damage in my right arm (result of last August's accident), I'm not strong enough to use aerobars yet.  Rather than pushing the issue, I started the season on a traditional road bike and focused on building up strength in my shoulder:

I'm getting some strength in my rotator cuff and am learning how to compensate for the nerve damage.  I just built the bike below to get into a more aggressive road position:

The frame is Planet X's Stealth TT model.  I chose this frame because it has a short head tube and a relatively steep seat angle (76 degrees).  I swapped out the stock fork for an Oval (very fast!), and am running a single 56t ring in front, 11-21 in back.  Race wheels are a Blackwell disc in back, and a Planet x 101 in front.  This bike is stiff, comfortable, and a joy to ride.  My bars are approximately 6cm lower than on my stock road bike above.  

I rode the Planet X for approximately two weeks.  It's a fine frame, but I found that its reach is a bit short for my preference.
As I already was using a 13cm stem, going longer really wasn't feasible.  Because of this, I built my Cervelo P3C up in road configuration.  Cervelo frames have a relatively long reach, and I still was able to retain an aggressive position in the drops:

Mounting the seat in the rear hole in the seat post provides me with a nominal 75 degree seat angle, which I reduce even more by moving my seat all the way back on its rails.  I swapped out the stock Cervelo fork with an Oval Concept's Jet Stream, which I've found to be stiff and fast.  After a couple of rides on this build, I happy with both its fit and performance

By next season, I hope to be back on a proper TT bike.

Went with the bright pink, hoping that it will be visible and attract a driver's attention when I'm out on the road.