Opinion: Vaughters' "How to Get Doping Out of Sports"

posted Aug 11, 2012, 5:45 PM by Donald Vescio
Click here to read Vaughters' opinion piece, which was published in the NY Times Sunday Review

I just read the Vaughers' opinion piece in the NY Times Sunday Review. While some might question the timing of his decision to speak in public on this topic--and there was a recent Twitter feed that seemed to suggest that something like this was forthcoming--I do appreciate that he wrote at length on the choices that he made. Very, very human--and much more identifiable than "I ate tainted cow," or "someone doped me." 

On the other hand, you have characters like David Anthony, the Masters rider who tested positive after a grand fondo event in the US: 

Paraphrase--"I got caught up in the sport--and I didn't have any fun in the end."

Did Vaughters go public to proactively manage potential fallout from possible future disclosures? Even if this is true, I'd rather see disclosure given in advance, rather than disclosing after all attempts at obfuscation fail. While I still believe that the culture of cycling is such that it makes it very difficult to live according to an ideal, it still is not acceptable to see how others are hurt by the peloton's omerta--see Filippo Simeoni and Christophe Bassons. 

Can one atone for one's past? Maybe Vaughters is through his work with Slipstream. But what about the likes of Vinokourov? What is his atonement, other than sitting out for two years?  Contador?  Basso?

And then one wonders why so many Masters amateurs are getting popped for PEDs...

Edit: The Twitter feed can be found at