Kathie Ellis

Kathie Ellis a mother of three teenagers and a full time career in law decided to participate in her first triathlon in 2009 after turning 50. She had always been a competitive athlete in high school and college, and had run up to this point in her life.  In 2009 she participated in the Danskin Triathlon in Webster, MA and was hooked.  She placed 26th in her age group after just wanting to finish and decided she needed to do better the following year.  She had read some books, but not really knowing how to go about training more efficiently she purchased the VMPS 16 week program.  Through VMPS's training program and professional staff she took off.  She placed first in the Sudbury 2010 Sprint Triathlon relay, 9th in her age group at the Hyannis Sprint I Triathlon and 9th at the Webster Triathlon.  Next  year through the VMPS training her goal is to place.

"I came into the VMPS program with a running background and a minimal cycling ability.  My swim stroke was null except for a breast stroke.  Being new to the sport of triathlons VMPS helped me through all aspects of the sport.  From equipment to training, I needed to learn it all. Their staff was always there for me and to make this experience even better, I enjoyed working with them.  Through VMPS my running times became equivalent to 30 years ago.  My cycling became much stronger and more powerful. My swimming finally became a crawl and very buoyant. Through the support and knowledge of the professional staff at VMPS I became a faster runner, a stronger cyclist and an efficient swimmer.   I look forward to working with them again for the upcoming season."


Donna LeBlanc

Donna LeBlanc is a mother of two adolescent children who juggles a full-time career with competitive running.  At age 50, Donna sought Elaine’s help to achieve optimal performance as she entered her third decade of competitive road racing. VMPS created a training program for Donna that included difficult work-outs complimented with easier runs and cross-training activities.  With coaching and support from VMPS, Donna completed her fifth Boston Marathon in 2010. She has also won several age group awards in 5k and 5 mile events in recent months.  Now VMPS is working with Donna to improve mental focus and confidence for more consistent and predictable race-day performance. 

Caitlin Connelly 

In November 2006, Caitlin decided to run the Boston Marathon in April 2007 in memory of her baby daughter and her mother. We were thrilled when Caitlin asked us to help her prepare for this important event. Since Caitlin was not a runner and did not have a background in endurance sports, we focused on gradually increasing her running mileage while including swimming and cycling workouts to build her aerobic base.  Sport-specific strength workouts and minimal anaerobic threshold training put the finishing touches on her aerobic foundation. Caitlin completed her first marathon in 4:21. Now we are helping her train for triathlons and prepare for The Walt Disney World Marathon where she hopes to qualify for the 2008 Boston Marathon. 

Lisle Holgate

Lisle Holgate, a husband, father, and senior marketing executive in the software industry contacted us in October 2005 to help him prepare for a cycling event in France that he had been dreaming about competing in for years--  L’Etape du Tour.  The July 2006 race would cover 118 grueling miles from Gap to L’Alpe d’Huez, with three mountain passes including the infamous L’Alpe d’Huez.


A professional bicycle racer in the 1980’s, Lisle had the knowledge to compete in this epic event, but he needed the fitness. Given the competing demands on his time and his need to travel globally several weeks each month, it was essential to maximize the limited time that he could devote to training.  So we encouraged Lisle to get Power Cranks and a Computrainer.  By training with Power Cranks, Lisle was forced to pedal with more coordination,  and eventually more efficiency. Plus the time benefits—training for one hour with Power Cranks is approximately equivalent to training one and a half hours with regular cranks.  With its varied courses and close simulation to road riding, the Computrainer made indoor training much more interesting, and allowed us to incorporate training with power into Lisle’s workouts.  During that winter and early spring, Lisle’s training included significant on-the-bike strength work and long, hilly endurance rides. Then anaerobic threshold training was added during the final eight weeks before a long taper. 

Lisle completed his dream event and is now contemplating doing L’Etape du Tour for a second time when the event returns to the Alps in July 2008.