Welcome to Kindergarten!

Miss Schweers- Mrs. Stirtz- Mrs. Hobbs 

Week of December 11th 

 Subject  Topic
Reading-This week we will be reading the biography, See How We Grow.
-Our skill of the week is cause and effect. 
-Our Amazing Words this week are: twins, newborn, crawl, walk, children, babies.  
-Our sight words for this week are: see, look
-Our letters of the week are: Dd, Kk
-Students will begin talking about adding more than one sentence to their story. 
-We are continuing to work on conventions with students.  We want students to have spaces between their words and a period at the end.  
-Work on writing your child's first AND last name at home.
-We are continuing with Unit 3.  In this unit, children begin the study of the teen numbers and their structure as a group of ten with ones.  For example 15 is ten and 5.  
-They will also make up and solve story problems as well as continue to work with shapes.  
Unit Studies
-We will read various Gingerbread Man stories this week and compare and contrast them.  We will also make a Gingerbread Man on Friday and hope he doesn't run away, like he does in the stories. 

-Students will learn about different holidays that are celebrated in December.