Welcome to Kindergarten!

Mrs. Hoesing- Mrs. Stirtz- Mrs. Hobbs 

Week of May 21st 

 Subject  Topic
Reading-This week will be reading the informational text, Animal Homes by Angela Wilkes.  
-Our amazing words this week are: predators, prey, shelter, shields, colony and bark.   
-Our skill of the week is: draw conclusions
-Our letter of the week: review!
-We have learned all our sight words!  Continue to practice reading and writing them at home.   
-We are continuing to work on conventions with students.  We want students to have spaces between their words and a period at the end.  
-Work on writing your child's first AND last name at home.
-We will start our final unit in math, Unit 5.  In this unit, children continue to work with teen numbers and to create and solve story problems involving contexts chosen by the children. 
-Children will write equations and different partners for numbers up to 10.
-They will compare numbers using the words greater than or less than.
-In measurement, they will have hands on experiences comparing lengths, heights, weights and capacities. 
Unit Studies
-This week we will discuss The 5 Senses.  We will learn about: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.