Welcome to Kindergarten!

Mrs. Hoesing- Mrs. Stirtz- Mrs. Heyne

Week of October 15th 
 Subject  Topic

This week we are talking about a couple of word families.  We will talk about the -am family, -at family and -ap family.  

-This week we are reviewing the letters: Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp and Tt

-This week we are reviewing the sight words: the, a, see, we, like

Students will start learning how to write simple sentences using our sight words.
They will begin stretching out words.  
We will discuss the importance of having your picture match your words.   
We will continue with Unit 2.  In this unit, students will work with the numbers 1-10.  They will build on their understanding of 6-10 using a 5 group and extra ones.  For example 6 is 5 and 1, 9 is 5 and 4.  Students will also explore number order, the +1 and -1 relationships, and partners for the numbers 1-10.  
Unit Studies
This week will will start our unit on seasons.  We will talk about winter and spring.