¡Bienvenidos to the Black Elk Spanish website!  
My name is Señora Valasek.  I have been the K-5 Spanish teacher at Black Elk for the last 2 years.  Prior to joining Black Elk Elementary, I taught for 4 years within the International Baccalauareate PYP at Aldrich Elementary in grades Kindergarten, First and Second.  Previous to coming to Millard Public Schools, I taught in Omaha Public Schools at Castelar Elementary in South Omaha within the Dual Language and regular education program.  During my last 16 years as an educator, I have earned my two Master's Degrees in Educational Leadership Administration as well as in Early Childhood, an English as a Second Language endorsement K-5 and a Bilingual Endorsement K-6.  I am currently working on my Doctorate in Education.  Some previous highlights of my experience in teaching in Spanish includes: translating and leading Parent Nights, completing Spanish and English Parent teacher conferences, and teaching in Spanish while in the Dual Language kindergarten program.

We have tons of resources here to help you practice for Spanish class. Parents, please click the "current units / test dates" tab above to keep up on what is happening in Spanish class. All Kindergarten and First grade students will bring home quarterly homework.  The four homework task squares are to be completed and turned in as described at the top of the page.  If homework is misplaced, you can print out a new copy from the "vocabulary by grade level" section of this website.  Second through fifth grade students will receive a study guide at the beginning of each unit.  Many times we complete two units then test on both subjects.  Tests are announced in class and posted on this website at least 2 weeks prior to the test date.

Students have Spanish class for 30 minutes twice a week.  We cover many things during that time.  We are know that our students who keep up with assignments during Elementary Spanish have a solid foundation for entering more advanced Spanish classes in middle school and high school when finishing our program.  We will not be achieving fluency, however.  Immersion and a bilingual atmosphere will be utilized throughout the Spanish Elementary program.

Spanish class routine includes greetings, calendar, singing, dancing, reading and playing lots of games requiring students to use the vocabulary words in context.  We will have a few written assignments.  Fourth and fifth grade classes incorporate more writing in preparation for middle school.  For younger students, what we do is mostly oral and auditory.  Tests are listening comprehension with students following directions in Spanish for the first few years.  Then students move on to reading the words in print.  Homework consists of practicing the vocabulary.  I suggest 10 minutes daily. Older students will have written homework assignments / projects from time to time.  Technology will be utilized to give a global perspective of culture, language, and geography.   Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

To access grades in the Parent Portal, you will need to go to the "Term" box and click QTR 2 for first semester, or QTR 4 for second semester.  Since I only give report card grades at the semester, the system stores all grades under 2nd or 4th quarter.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Señora Valasek
K-5 Spanish Teacher
(402) 715-6200