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It is important that students read every day while they are in elementary school.  Beginning readers should spend 10-15 minutes reading out loud each day.  Reading out loud helps build fluency and gives students a chance to practice their problem solving skills while reading.  As students get older, students should be encouraged to read both out loud and silently.  To make sure that your child understands what is being read, ask questions about the portion of a book that has been read silently.   Students who read regularly will increase their decoding, comprehension, and fluency skills.  Encourage your child to read to you for a little while each day.  As the school year progresses, you will notice significant improvement in your child's reading as he/she learns how to tackle unknown words and read for meaning.  

Reading to your child for a while each day is equally as important.  Not only is it a chance for you to snuggle with your young one, it is also an opportunity for you to model what reading should sound like.  Take a few minutes each night to invest in your child's future academic success and make a memory at the same time!

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