Welcome to Honors Precalculus/Precalculus!  Precalculus is a rigorous course comparable to College Algebra and College Trigonometry at colleges and universities.  In Precalculus, you will put together the algebraic skills that you have previously learned.  At times it will be a struggle, but with struggle you will learn.  Precalculus is the stepping stone for success in Calculus.  Have fun!  Once you get over the fact that it is a lot of work, it really is!

Computer Usage

Cooperation between student and teacher will be extremely important. Students are to understand that laptops will be used as a tool for learning but will not be used for all activities in the class. Failure to bring the provided laptop in usable condition will not be considered grounds for alternative lessons or assignments. Laptops will be utilized for class appropriate activities and not as an entertainment device.

Laptop expectations:

1. Laptops will be brought to every class charged and ready for use.

2. Students are to have laptops out when instructed and stored in appropriate bags if not.

3. Assignments provided online will be expected to be completed online.

4. Students will take responsibility for completing assignments on time and should make arrangements immediately if laptop malfunctions occur.

A graphing calculator will be used on a daily basis in class and for homework. 
The TI-84 Plus CE Calculator will be on sale with the start of school in August.
This calculator can be used on the ACT and should increase the likelihood of a higher Math score on the ACT.  

Teachers:                 Email:
Mrs. Determan  
Mrs. Garcia      


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