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What will be the One-to-One computer I will be receiving?

Each student included in the One-to-One deployment will receive a Hewlett Packard or Dell Multi-functional Laptop Computer. The laptops are traditional computers with a touch screen that can also function as a tablet.

Specifically, where and when will high school and middle students get their computers?

Returning middle and high school students will keep the computers they have been issued over the summer. Incoming sixth and ninth grade grade, and new middle & high school students will receive their computers at their school during the first week of school.

Why didn’t I get a computer on computer deployment day?  

Students who did not complete the MPS Computer Loan Agreement and MPS Cooperative Loss forms as part of the online registration process prior to the day of deployment will not receive a computer.

If I did not get a computer on the deployment day, what do I need to do to get my computer?

A student who did not get a computer on the day of deployment should visit their school’s Tech Support Center. The building tech will assist the student with completing the steps needed to get their computer.

Will I receive a new computer each year?
No.  When students enter high school their freshmen year, they will receive a computer that they will keep through their senior year. Students entering the sixth grade will receive a computer that they will keep through their eighth grade year.

Will I need to turn in my computer during the summer?
No, students who will be returning in the fall will keep their computers during the summer. Please click here for details on technical support and care of your computer during the summer.

Who can use my laptop?

Each computer is labeled and configured for an individual student and only that person can login into that computer.  Do not let friends or siblings borrow the computer.

May I personalize my computer?

With the exception of non-permanent static stickers only, students are not to personalize or embellish the computers with normal stickers, covers, cases, writing, or other identifying features. The District does label the computer with the student’s name when deployed. This label, as well as any other MPS stickers should not be removed. Students may personalize the computer bag, but in a non-permanent manner (i.e. luggage tag, stickers, etc.).  

Why is it important to keep my login credentials/password a secret?

Students should never share their login credentials/passwords. Login credentials can be used to access more than just the computer (Email, Infinite Campus, etc.), sharing login credentials opens students up to privacy issues.

What do I do if I suspect my login credentials or password changed or if they are no longer secret?

Please submit a Helpdesk ticket to request a password change.  Include information about why the password change is needed.

Will I have a place to leave my computer at school overnight, over the weekend, or during breaks?

No, students need to take these devices home.  Students are expected to bring a fully charged computer back to school each day.

Will I need my computer everyday? If yes, what if I forget to bring it?

Yes, students are expected to have their computers with them everyday and fully charged. If students forget to charge or bring their computers, temporary computers or power adapters will not be provided. There will be limited options for charging and accessing temporary computers while at school.

How often should I restart my computer? It is always best to “Shut down” a computer on a daily basis. Best practice is to “Shut down” the computer before leaving school each day. Shutting down and restarting a computer daily helps ensure the computer functions properly and receives the necessary updates. Failure to routinely shut down and restart a computer when convenient to the user will eventually result in a forced restart at an inconvenient time.

How do I secure my computer during while at school (i.e. lunch, gym, etc)?

Students should treat computers like any other valuables they bring to school. Please keep the computer in your possession when possible and do not leave unattended. If you are in a class that leaves for lunch or another activity, check with the teacher to make sure the classroom will be secure. When available, secure the computer in a locker. Never share your locker combinations with friends.

What is the Helpdesk?

The Helpdesk is a online system in Millard that allows students to submit requests for work on their computers, install software onto their one-to-one computers, and access Knowledge Base articles. Instructions for accessing the using the student Helpdesk documentation can be found on the One-to-One site or by clicking here.

What happens if my laptop is lost or stolen?

Immediately contact a building administrator and submit a Helpdesk ticket at  A copy of a police report may be requested, you may be able to ask your school resource officer (SRO) for assistance. The building technology team will provide guidance if needed.  A computer replacement may be provided and a fee incurred.  

What happens if I lose my bag or power adapter?

Submit a Helpdesk ticket at to request a replacement.  A replacement fee will be incurred.

What do I do if my computer is not working properly?

When in doubt reboot the computer. Many computer issues can be resolved by simply restarting the computer. A restart can often resolve issues more quickly than submitting a Helpdesk ticket or visiting the building Tech Support Center.

Students have several options when they need help with their computer or requires service. They can submit Helpdesk tickets or visit the Tech Support Center located at their school.

What are the hours of the high school Tech Support Centers?

Face-to-face support is available from 7:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the middle schools and from 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. at the high schools when school is in session.

Where are the school Tech Support Centers located?

Horizon High Tech Support Center - Main Office

North High Tech Support Center - Back of Media Center

South High Tech Support Center - Front of Media Center

West High Tech Support Center - Across from Attendance Office

Andersen Middle Tech Support Center - Room 117
Beadle Middle Tech Support Center - Room C140 (Behind Media Center Circulation Desk)
Russell Middle Tech Support Center - Room C118 (Inside Media Center)

If my computer needs to be repaired, how long could I be without my computer? 

The expected turnaround time for computer repair is two business days. If a repair will take longer than two business days, a loaner computer will be provided until the repair is complete. For specific drop off and return times click here.

What are the potential repair or replacement fees associated with the computer?

To see a list of charges that may be incurred when laptop damage has occurred see the One to One Computer Repair Costs document.

Will cooperative loss cover the expenses for the repair when gross negligence is involved?

No, if a laptop damaged due to gross negligence the expenses for repair will be charged at full value.

How do I get technical support when school is not in session (e.g. evenings, weekends, and breaks)?

Students can get technical assistance by visiting the One-to-One website or the student Helpdesk portal. Helpdesk tickets may be submitted at any time. MPS Technology does not support user’s home networks or peripherals.

How do I physically care and clean my computer?

Any time the computer is moved from one location to another, the computer should be closed and placed in the school provided computer bag. Computers should not be stored in tablet mode, where the screen/glass is exposed. Do not leave you computer visible in your car and avoid exposing the computer to extreme hot and cold temperatures.  For instructions on how to clean the computer you may visit

What is my H:/ Drive and how do I access it?

Every student in Millard is assigned space on a local server to store and retrieve files. Space is limited and the H:/Drive is only accessible while at school.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. Google It encompasses Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets and Slides, an office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more.

When should I use Google Drive?

The District recommends students use Google Drive whenever possible to store files. This allows for unlimited storage that can be accessed anytime an Internet connection is available.  Another benefit of using Google Drive is that you can login and access these stored files from a home computer or personal device if necessary.

What if I have to access my Google Drive and I do not have an Internet connection?

By planning ahead, you can download files to your computer to work on when no Internet connection is available. When an Internet connection is available simply upload your updated files to your Google Drive. Some Google Suite applications also allow for offline mode and will synchronize documents when you have an available connection to the Internet. For more information on accessing Google files (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawing) offline - click here. For information on how to access non-Google files offline - click here.

Can I use a thumb or flash drive with my student computer?

Yes, students can connect and use flash drives and other external devices with the computer. Some external drives and devices may require reformatting before using.

How do I connect to wifi?

Student computers are already configured to connect to wifi while at school. Generic instructions on how to connect your computer to a non-school wifi network by clicking the link below:

What can I do if my computer isn’t connecting to wifi?

First trying restarting the computer and verifying the computer is not in airplane mode. Wifi may be disabled when the battery is depleted so make sure you do not have a low battery or plug in your computer.

Check the date and time on your computer. Allowing the battery to lose life and extended periods of inactivity can cause the date and time to become incorrect. An incorrect date and time may prevent the computer from connecting to wifi. If this happens, stop by your school's Tech Support Center for assistance.

If you are at school and having connectivity issues, stop by your school’s Tech Support Center for assistance. MPS does not troubleshoot or support non-district wifi networks.

What if I need to install software on my student computer?

District approved software is the ONLY software that students are able to install on their computer.  These software titles are available for download/installation through the Software Center application. Some district software will be automatically installed by the technology department. Instructions for downloading/installing district software through the Software Center can be found on the One-to-One site or by clicking here.

What if a district approved software I need is not in the Software Center?

If there is a piece of software or application that is needed and cannot be found in the Software Center, the student should talk to their teacher. The teacher can submit a Helpdesk Ticket to the technology division for software/application review and approval. The teacher may submit the software/application to the technology division for review and approval.

What if the Software Center is missing or will not load?

If the Software Center is missing or will not load, stop by your school's Tech Support Center for assistance.

Will I be able to download Google applications and extensions on my student computer?

Yes, there will be a Millard Public Schools Google Chrome Store that will contain approved Google applications and extensions that students will be able to download through the Chrome browser. For instructions please refer to the Helpdesk Knowledge Base articles on Signing into Chrome Browser and Installing Google Extensions.

What if there is a Google application or extension that I would like to download and it is not available in the Millard Public Schools Google Chrome Store?

If there is a Google application or extension that is needed and cannot be found in the Millard Public Schools Google Chrome Store, the student should talk to their teacher. The teacher may submit the application/extension to the technology division for review and approval.

How do I add a school printer on my computer?

Instructions on adding a printer to a computer using “Add a Printer Wizard” can be found by logging into into the student Helpdesk Portal using the following link.

Will I be able to add a personal printer and print away from school?

MPS Technology will ensure that students will be able to print within Millard Public Schools. Students can print when at the school by using the building Kiosk printers.  

Depending on the make and model of the personal printer, a student may or may not be able to use their printer with the student computer.

Is content filtered on the One-to-One computers when they are connected to the Internet?

Yes, each computer is filtered for inappropriate content and always passes through the District’s filtering appliance when connected to the Internet no matter the location (e.g., school, home, public wifi). When students access the Internet at home, they will be prompted to login periodically to the “ContentKeeper” filter before proceeding onto the Internet.

What if I need to access a website or content that is being filtered?

If a student feels a website should be opened up to allow access, they should talk to a teacher. The teacher can submit a Helpdesk Ticket to the technology division for access review and approval.

Are the computers protected from viruses?

Yes, the student computers are protected by AntiVirus both at school and at home.

How do I learn more about staying safe online?

To learn  more about Internet safety,  students and parents may visit the following website:

What happens if I decide to transfer schools within Millard Public Schools?

If a student decides to transfer to another school in Millard, they need to take their computer with them and visit the new school’s Tech Support Center in order for the computer to be properly configured.

What happens if I decide to leave the Millard Public Schools district?

If a student decides to leave the Millard Public Schools district, the computer, bag, and power adapter will be collected as part of the school’s formal checkout/withdrawal process.

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