Parent/Guardian FAQs

What does One-to-One mean?

One-to-One simply means that each secondary student will receive a district-owned computer to use at both school and home.

Why is Millard Public Schools implementing One-to-One at the secondary level?

The specific result of Strategy 2.6 of Millard Public School’s’ previous Strategic Plan called to “Expand use of and access to interactive tools and technology to support  and improve PK-12 learning and innovation.”

Strategy 2 of Millard Public School’s current Strategic Plan calls to “...develop and implement plans to differentiate and expand our instructional delivery systems to meet each student’s needs in a changing world.” Implementing One-to-One will support the specific results of Strategies 2.2 and 2.4 “Maximize personalized learning to meet the diverse academic needs of all students.” and “Engage in innovative practices to maximize learning for students and staff.” respectively.

How does a One-to-One support the Millard Educational Program?

The One-to-One deployment supports our Millard Educational Program by helping us ensure that students meet the College and Career Readiness Skills of Citizenship, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity to better compete in the 21st Century. Through the implementation and integration of technology teachers will augment, modify, and redefine instruction transforming how students learn.

How is the Millard Public Schools funding the One-to-One deployment?

The One-to-One deployment, including the future replacement costs, is equal to what the District currently budgets for secondary student technology. The Millard Public Schools Foundation provided additional financial support for the One-to-One implementation.

What grade levels will be receiving the One-to-One computers?

Ninth through twelfth-grade students at all four Millard high schools received their computers in January of 2017. Eighth-grade students at each of our six middle schools received their computers in August of 2017.  Sixth and seventh-grade students will receive their computers in August of 2018.

Specifically, where and when will middle and high-school students receive their computers?

Returning high school students will keep the computers they have been issued over the summer. All middle school students, incoming freshmen, and new high school students will receive their computers at their school during the school day.

What will be the One-to-One computer students will be receiving?

Each student included in the One-to-One deployment will receive a Hewlett Packard HP 360 or Dell Latitude 3189 Multi-functional Laptop Computer. The HP 360 and Dell Latitude are traditional computers with a touch screen that can also function as a tablet.

What software will be installed on the One-to-One computers?

The Windows 10 computer will have access to a wide range of educational software including Office and Google Suite, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Based on the content area (i.e., Business, Science, World Language) additional software and applications will be installed as needed.

What do students and parents need to do in order to receive a One-to-One computer?

Students and parents/guardians must complete the MPS Computer Loan Agreement and MPS Cooperative Loss digital forms as part of the online registration process.

How does the MPS Cooperative Loss program work?

Participation in this program is voluntary.  The form must be completed and marked “Yes” or “No” before the computer will be loaned to the student. This program covers the computer equipment loaned to the student against all accidental damage. Total value will be determined by the District at the time of loss or damage. Please refer to the Cooperative Loss form for details on copays for various damages/repairs.  In no case shall the value be greater than $350.00. In the case of a total loss, the student will be responsible for no more than 20% ($70.00). In the event of the computer being reported lost or stolen Millard Public Schools will require the student/parent to file a police report and submit a copy to the District.

What are the potential repair or replacement fees associated with the computer?

To see a list of charges that may be incurred when laptop damage has occurred see the One to One Computer Repair Costs document.

Will Cooperative Loss cover the expenses for the repair when gross negligence is involved?

No, if a laptop damaged due to gross negligence the expenses for repair will be charged at full value.

What are parent's responsibilities when students are using the school device at home?

Your student has been issued a One-to-One computer to personalize and improve learning.  To ensure that the computer is used safely, efficiently, and ethically please discuss your family’s values and rules in regards to technology use by your student.  Please refer to the MPS Loan Agreement form for additional information on the student and parent guidelines.

What do I do if my student’s computer is not working properly?

When in doubt reboot the computer. Many computer issues can be resolved by simply restarting the computer. A restart can often resolve issues more quickly than submitting a Helpdesk ticket or visiting the building Tech Support Center.

Students have several options when they need help with their computer or require service. They can submit Helpdesk tickets or visit the Tech Support Center located at their high school.

Will students receive a new computer each year?

No. High school students will keep the same computer through the completion of their senior year.  Middle-school students will keep the computer through the completion of their 8th-grade year.

Can I purchase this device when my child graduates from MPS?

When these computers reach the end of their deployment cycle (4 years) a determination will be made regarding allowing the devices to be purchased by students, sold publicly, or repurposed by the District.

How will students know which computer belongs to them?

Each computer is labeled and configured for an individual student and only that person can login to that computer. Students will also receive a computer bag labeled with their name.

Can students choose not to participate in the One-to-One deployment?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Please be warned that teachers will be teaching utilizing software and systems optimized for a One-to-One learning environment and your child may be at a disadvantage by having limited access.

If students choose not to participate, can they bring their own computers to school?

No, since we are providing each student with a computer it is not necessary for students to bring their own devices.  License agreements do not allow the District to load software on personal computers.  To protect instructional bandwidth and network security we limit/restrict outside computers.

Will students have a place to leave their computers at school overnight, over the weekend, or during breaks?

No, students need to take these devices home.  Students are expected to bring a fully charged computer back to school each day.

Will students keep the One-to-One computers over the summer?

Yes, by allowing students to keep their computers over the summer we are encouraging them to participate in academic pursuits all year long, including summer school.

Will students be able to access the Internet on the One-to-One computers?

Yes, they will be able to access the Internet anytime there is an available connection.

Is content filtered on the One-to-One computers when they are connected to the Internet?

Yes, each computer is filtered for inappropriate content and always passes through the District’s filtering appliance when connected to the Internet no matter the location (e.g., school, home, public wifi). When students access the Internet at home, they will be prompted to log in periodically to the “ContentKeeper” filter before proceeding onto the Internet.

What if my student does not have Internet access at home?

Millard Public Schools only provides Internet access for students while at school. Options for students without Internet access at home include downloading files onto their computer before leaving school, utilizing your high school’s extended library hours, or connecting to public wifi (e.g., public library).  Some Internet Services Providers (ISP) may offer discounted rates to qualifying families.  

How do I learn more about keeping my student safe online?

To learn  more about Internet safety,  students and parents may visit the following website:

What happens if my student decides to transfer schools within Millard Public Schools?

If a student decides to transfer to another school in Millard, they need to take their computer with them and visit the new school’s Tech Support Center in order for the computer to be properly configured.

What happens if my student decides to leave the Millard Public Schools district?

If a student decides to leave the Millard Public Schools district, the computer, bag, and power adaptor will be collected as part of the school’s formal checkout/withdrawal process.

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