Wheeler Student Mission:
    I am here today and every day to try to be the best version of myself. I will question, PAWS, be mindful, and collaborate in harmony so that I can be safe, respectful, responsible, and an awesome problem-solver. We will do this together and have each others's backs. We are Wheeler Wildcats, ROAR!! 


Feb 25th PTA Meeting 6PM
March 11-15 Teacher Appreciation Week
March 14th Urban Air Night 4-8PM
March 18-22 Spring Break
March 25th PTA Meeting 6PM

Monday: Music
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Gymsic
Thursday: Music
Friday: PE

Library is every Friday at 2:30

Unit 4 : Understanding Fractions
Tuesday: 5.6 Tanagram shapes and area
Wednesday: 5.7 Introduce Equivalence 
Thursday: 5.8 Equivalent Fractions 
Friday: 5.9 Solving Fraction problems

Please have your child practice math skills at home using Khan Academy. It is on the Wheeler website, under student links. They need to click on from map and login with their username and password. They should know it but if they don't I can send it to you. 


We have adopted a new reading curriculum this year. During reading, we work as a class to further the development of fluency, comprehension. and questioning for deeper thinking. We encourage students to read with family or independent at home. 

Story: Ginger's Fingers
Genre: Poetry  
Skills: Theme
Strategy: Repetition and Rhyme
Vocabulary: Metaphors

This week we will begin our poetry unity. We will work on adding literary devices with rhyme and repetition. 

                                                    Social Studies
We are studying Omaha Indians and their way of life. 

This week in science the students are doing a health unit about personal hygiene. The driving question is, How can I be healthy and safe?  


No test this Thursday. 
We will take a pre-test on Friday and test the following Thursday.