Wheeler Student Mission:
    I am here today and every day to try to be the best version of myself. I will question, PAWS, be mindful, and collaborate in harmony so that I can be safe, respectful, responsible, and an awesome problem-solver. We will do this together and have each others's backs. We are Wheeler Wildcats, ROAR!! 

Aug. 9th Open house/Ice cream Social 5:30-7pm
Aug. 13th   School starts
Aug 20th   PTA meeting 6pm
Aug. 24th   Carnival 5:30pm
Sept. 17th   PTA meeting 6pm
Spet. 21st   Glow Run
Oct. 15th   PTA meeting 6pm
Oct. 11th, 16th, 17th   Conferences
Oct. 25th   Trunk N Treat 6-7pm
Oct. 31st   Halloween Party

Monday: Music
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Gymsic
Thursday: Music
Friday: PE


We will be reviewing basic facts to prepare for the first unit which is multiplication and division. We will begin MAP testing soon. 
This week:
Monday: 1.3 Arrays
Tuesday: 1.4 Meaning of Divison
Wednesday: 1.5 Multiply and divide with 2 
Thursday: Math MAP test
Friday: 1.6 Build Fluency with 2 and 5 


We have adopted a new reading curriculum this year. During reading, we work as a class to further the development of fluency, comprehension. and questioning for deeper thinking. We encourage students to read with family or independent at home. 

This weeks.... We are MAP testing and text leveling this week so we wont have a story. 

We are Launching our writers workshop, working on developing ideas for our writing, and setting up our writing notebook. Students need to bring there writing notebook back to school decorated on Monday the 20th.

                                                    Social Studies
Our first unit is called, "Where In the World is our Community" It focuses on direction and the continents and oceans.

We have a new health program that we will be implementing at the start of this year. Mrs Wurtele will be the science teacher this year. If you have any questions you can contact her at: lwurtele@mpsomaha.org 


Words go home on Fridays and the test in on Thursday.  Each week the words go with a specific spelling pattern. There will be 15 words on their spelling list. Our first spelling test will be on the third week of school.