Wheeler Webpage

                               Wheeler Student Mission:
    I am here today and every day to try to be the best version of myself. I will question, PAWS, be mindful, and collaborate in harmony so that I can be safe, respectful, responsible, and an awesome problem-solver. We will do this together and have each others's backs. We are Wheeler Wildcats, ROAR!! 


September 4- No School

September 14- Picture Day

September 21- Watch Dog Kick Off  Donuts and Dads 8:00-8:20am

September 25 -Wheeler PTA 6:00- Media Center EVERYONE IS WELCOME

September 29- Wheeler Glow Run

Class Schedule 

Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 

8:30-8:45                       Bell Work

8:45-10:00                     Math

10:00-10:50                   Reading/ Snack 

10:50-11:25                   PE/Music

11:30-11:50                   Continue Reading  

11:50-12:25                   Spelling/Grammar 

12:25-1:00                    Lunch/Recess 

1:00- 1:45                     Social Studies (Nimmo) 

1:45-2:30                      Science (Wurtele) 

2:30-2:45                      Writing

2:45-3:05                      Recess

3:05-3:35                      Continue Writing 

3:35:3:45                      Dismiss       



Mrs. Nimmo’s

2017-2018 Schedule: Wednesday


8:30                                 Bell work

8:45-10:00                       Math

10:00-10:30                     Reading/Snack 

10:30-10:55                     Gymsic 

10:55-11:30                     Reading/ Spelling

11:30-12:15                     Writing 

12:15-12:25                     Read Aloud 

12:25-1:00                       Lunch/Recess 

1:00-2:00                         Art

2:00-2:15                         Dismiss