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Head Coaches

Boys: Michael Edmundson



Girls: Shaun Tevis


Coach Edmundsons and Coach Tevis Co-Head Coach the Patriots Track & Field Team. All members of the staff coach events and not gender. This allows all athletes to have the most qualified coach for their event. Both the boys and girls teams work together for the betterment of the program. This is truly one team.

Patriots Track & Field Philosophy:

The goal of the Millard South Track program is to develop young student/athletes.  This process is done by encouraging all students to participate with the ultimate goal of developing a winning program that is team driven while focusing on individual achievement.

Coaches will encourage all athletes to participate and find their place among the track and field events, developing all individuals and encouraging growth in their respective event. 

DISCIPLINE: Athletes will learn to balance academics and athletics.  Success in the classroom is just as important as success on the track or field.  Doing your part in practice, competition and in the classroom is expected. 

DEDICATION: Athletes who are a part of the Millard South Track and Field team need to understand their commitment.  As a member of this team, athletes must dedicate themselves to doing what it takes for their own personal achievement and the success of the team. 

DESIRE:  Athletes must have the drive to become the best they can possibly be.  Coaches will help train and develop these young athletes and encourage them to go beyond their limits for the success of the team. 

Ultimately, a Millard South Athlete should have fun.  They should want to be a part of the team, working to improve themselves for the betterment of the team.  Coaches will foster this family atmosphere, leading by example and developing training programs and attitudes that are positive in nature and that build on a tradition of success.


  Patriots Track & Field Core Values 

            Reject Passivity              

         Accept Responsibility         

         Lead Courageously            

     Expect the Greater Reward     

The Coaching Staff:

Sprints-Shaun Tevis

Sprints-Nora Mulcahey

Mid-Distance-Kyle Austin

Distance-Brett Friesen

Hurdles-Michael Bruch

High Jump-Kurt Mehlin

Long/Triple Jump-Quentin Williams

Pole Vault-David Green

Throws-Mike Edmundson

Throws-Lucas Bond

Volunteer Coaches:

John Madvig-Mid Distance

Mike Schnebel-Discus

Tim Pieper-Pole Vault

Morgan Deloa-Long Sprints

Jordan Fuglestad-Distance

Jeff Purcell-Shot Put

Logan Reising-Discus