My clubs

HEY YOU! Want to spend more time with ME?

Join me at EITHER of my clubs! BOTH are drop in (meaning you can come to ANY meeting that fits your schedule). NO cost to you-just come & bring a friend with a similar interest if ya want!

Fitness Club: We meet after school about two times each month. (listen to announcements for the location EACH time!) (3:05-4:00)
We play what YOU want, so COME to each meeting if you want a say in our game of choice!

Book Club: We meet on Monday's after school in my room, B112, once a month (3:05-3:40). 
We discuss literature, play games related to reading, eat snacks and enjoy each other's company!
I read too! Want to know what I'm reading? Go the the library and check out my pick!

Sept 13

BOOK TALK TEMPLATE BELOW: Please tell us about what you are reading and bring WITH YOU

Bring the book for us to look at OR a picture...THEN, fill in below...feel free to personalize this to YOU

Hey! Do you like ______________________________________________(insert main topic/type of problem). I read ____________________________________________(title of book) by ________________________________ (author). _________________________(main character) ___________________________________________________________

__________________________(what was their purpose/what was the main thing they did). _________________________________________ (tell one exciting thing that happened) ______________________________________________________(tell a cliff hanger ),  On a five star rating, I would give it a _______________________ (state rating)    

1 Star=I HATED it, 2 Stars=It was okay, 3 Stars=I'm not quite sure, had good and bad

4 Stars=I like this book, 5 Stars=ABSOLUTELY loved it, you should check it out too!   _______________________________ (one last claim to get your audience to read YOUR book!)-remember, NO SPOILERS IN BOOK TALKS!!!!

My example follow:

Hey! Do you like books that hook you from the beginning? I read Counting by 7's by Holly Goldberg. Willow Chance, the main character, goes through one of the worst tragedies anyone can face! Will she be the same person or will she let this BAD thing change her life in a bad way? I gave this book a 4.5 star rating. I would recommend it to ANYone, especially if you need to learn about change and how to cope with something bad in your life! Pick this up today for a good read!