Writing Focus

*6 Traits (Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, and Ideas)

*Writing process

*Modes of Writing: Poetry, Persuasive, Creative Fiction, Narrative, Informative, and Expository

*Students will be assessed in December over persuasive writing.

We start our day with a Mini Lesson which will introduce something to practice in our writing. This usually involves a mentor text where students can PAWS and be mindful. Often times before we sit down to write a piece, we turn and talk to a neighbor to share our thoughts. Students find this a great way to get their pencil moving! While they write, I enjoy going around and conferencing with the students to discuss those creative pieces. We make time at the end of class to share. This is a great time for the class to discuss specific details that enhanced that student's writing. I have even shared many of my interesting (embarrassing) stories.

In the Spring students will take part in a Research project. Once the information is organized, students create a News Report on Green Screen. They become a reporter in the actual location of their report! Students then put these into IMovie. There are many features students can add to IMovie to make their report POP!

Parent Support

1. Have your child write, write, write.

2. Have your child start giving you three reasons they want something - this will help with our persuasive writing.