Weekly Agenda

Monday, April 22- PE

Tuesday, April 23 - Music

Wednesday, April 24 - Combo PE/Music

Thursday, April 25 - PE

Friday, April 26 - Music, Spelling Test , Social Studies Test

Monday, April 29 - PE,

Tuesday, April 30- Music

Wednesday, May 1 - Combo Music/PE

Thursday, May 2 - PE

Friday, May 3 - Music, Spelling Test, Middle School Tour



We are learning skills needed to be successful on our upcoming MAP test. We are also hitting some gap lessons to prepare for 6th grade.

SOCIAL STUDIES - The Revolutionary War

Students are learning about the tensions and what was the effect of these. The frustrations have lead to the Colonies writing the Declaration of Independence. The Colonies will now fight for their freedom.

WRITING - Informative Writing Unit

Students will be writing research reports. We will work on narrowing a topic and asking good questions so we can find important facts. We will also do a Biome project where students will research and create a news report. It will be put into Green Screen and Imovie. We will end the year with Expository Writing.

SPELLING - New lists come home Friday, Test each Friday

Students can use Spelling City to help study for the test. We work on cursive, definitions and a skill sheet during the week. Students need to spend more time studying the words, they are getting increasingly more difficult.

  • SCIENCE - See Mrs. Zuniga's Webpage

  • READING - See Mrs. Polacek's Webpage


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