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Second Grade Homework

It is suggested that second graders do 20 minutes of daily homework. This may include any of the following:

Math Homework (see detailed announcement)

Spelling words- Please study spelling words for weekly tests on Fridays.

Read take-home books are sent home in a plastic bag.  They come home on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Family Connections is optional homework and use as you see fit.

Fast Math is now called "Stretch to Go" and can be completed once at home daily.


Math Homework

Math homework is sent home every Friday and will be found in the Friday folder. The homework is printed on yellow paper and your child should complete both sides of the paper. The homework is a review of what we have learned in the past week. Please have your child return the homework no later than Thursday of the following week.


Star of The Week

When your child is Star of the Week, they will bring home the following letter:

__________ will be Star of the Week during the week of ______________. I can bring six pictures that are special to me. These pictures may be baby pictures, family pictures, pictures of pets, relatives, etc. Please send these pictures on Monday. They will be returned on Friday. I can also bring something special to share with the class (ribbons, awards, trophies, or any other special things that you would like to show the class. Your child will fill out a paper about their favorites (ex. food, color, T.V. show, etc.) at school to display and share with the class.

*Kramer-  (P.E.) Tuesday, Friday  (Music) Monday, Thursday


*Ekue- (P.E.) Monday, Thursday  (Music) Tuesday, Friday


***Wednesdays rotate bi-weekly, so please wear tennis shoes on Wednesdays just in case it is your P.E. day.


Please return library books:   Ekue--Wednesdays



Wildcat Prints

            Montclair’s newsletter will be e-mailed to families on Fridays.  Please let the office know if you do not have e-mail and need a hard copy sent home.  The newsletter includes our lunch menu and other important dates and information.


            Lunch: $2.45, Milk: $45, Breakfast $1.40


Picture Day- September 16, 2016


Holiday Parties-

            Halloween: October 31 (parade 2:30, party 3:00-3:30)

            Valentine:  February 14 (1:15-2:00)


Field Trips

            Joslyn Art Museum or Rose Theater

            Schramm Park

            End of Year Picnic


BIST (school-wide behavior plan)


1.    It is never o.k. to be disruptive.

2.    It is never o.k. to be hurtful.




Text Leveling, Aimsweb, MAPS NWEA tests (reading & math)