Welcome to Third Grade

        ~Important Dates~

Important Dates:

Winter Break December 23-January 7
No School ~Januray 15
No School~February 15, February 16, February 19
Parent Teacher Conferences~
February~More to come later with specific dates.

~Monthly News~


     Math~ we are currently working on three digit addition and subtraction with regrouping and ungrouping. Please continue to work on multiplication and division. Keep practicing those math facts!!!!

Reading~we are working on building fluency as well as deepening our comprehension skills.


    Social Studies~ We are currently working on map skills and understanding of all the different components on a map. Such as the compass rose, map key, and distance.

    Writing~currently we are using the writing process to produce a piece of writing.



* Snacks should be peanut free

* Math Homework is due Friday of the week

*Please encourage your child to read nightly for 15-20 minutes

*Planners need to be signed nightly

If you have any questions please contact me,


Dana Berstler