Who has PE this week?
Dec. 11th - Dec. 15th
4th Grade: Raber, Gunter
5th Grade: Strosnider, Rocloe
3rd Grade: Cinnamon, Mau
2nd: Nech, Glennie
1st: Lorimer, Bright
Kindergarten: Hoesing, Stirtz

Please take a look at some of the website links for information on benefits of healthy living, interactive nutrition games, and games students can play at home after school or on weekends.
Woo hoo! It's December!
Students are working hard developing their fitness.  Primary grade levels are working on kicking skills with activities like Partner Kickball Relay, Underkick, and others!  

Intermediate grade levels are finishing up Fitness Testing and participating in cooperative group activities like Crazy Pin, Mystery Football, Battleship, and Pirate Ship! 

Keep up the great work!

-Mr. W

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FitnessGram Testing!

**We have now entirely finished out Fall Testing!  Ask your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader how they performed!**
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