Upchurch PE

PE Classes for OCT. 22nd - OCT. 26th

5th: Strosnider & Rocole | 4th: Raber & Gunter | 3rd: Mau

2nd: Nech & Glennie | 1st: Lorimer & Bright | K: Stirtz & Reeh

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What are we up to in PE?

3rd-5th Grade

    • Intermediate level students have been participating in Fitness Development in preparations for their November FitnessGram testing. Students will bring home a letter notifying you of dates. We also have been working on Soccer Activities and Games such as 3-Ball Soccer, Pin Soccer, Baseline Soccer and more!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

    • Primary students having been participating in activities to help develop gross motor coordination, locomotor movements, cardiovascular fitness, and spatial awareness. Our K-2 students have been improving their kicking skills in Pin Soccer, Kickball Relays, Under-kick and more! Keep up the great work!