Who has PE This Week?
August 14th - 18th
4th Grade: Machuca, Wilson
5th Grade: Struck, Karloff
3rd Grade: Wunderlich, Ketcham
2nd: Burchard, Nissen
1st:Andersen, Peterson
Kindergarten: Hobbs 

Please take a look at some of the website links for information on benefits of healthy living, interactive nutrition games, and games students can play at home after school or on weekends.
What are we up to in PE?
For the beginning of the school year, students will have ample opportunities to practice PE procedures, participate in listening activities, as well as play cooperative games with their classmates. We will also begin to develop our fitness as each class will begin with a varied type of warm up! Our focus? 
1. Cardiovascular Endurance
2. Flexibility
3. Muscular Strength
4. Muscular Endurance
Each warm up will hit all of these components of fitness.

Keep checking back to see what our awesome students are doing on their PE weeks!

-Mr. W

Who is that??!
The first 8 weeks this fall, Mr. W will have a student teacher, Mr. hayes.  Click here to learn more about him!
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