Our weekly news 4/2-4/6

Focus Story- Mole and the Baby Bird
Phonics skill- Dipthong-ou
Grammar-Writing with exclamations
Comprehension skill-Sequencing
Comprehension Strategy-Summarizing

**Please check out our Spelling City link for practicing our First Grade Sight words as well as Second grade words.
Just clink on link below. :)

Finishing up with unit 7

We are beginning our Family Research Project.
Please be sure you have returned your Family Research Questionnaire.
We will begin our writing this week.  Also, as a portion of this research project, your child will be creating an iTrailer on the iPads.  You may either send the actual photos (at least 20) to school or email them to your teacher.  We would like all of the pictures by Monday, April 16th.  

*Air and Weather

                                    News and Notes

**Our First Grade program in Thursday, April 12th at 7:00 in the big gym!
**Our zoo field trip will be Thursday, May 17th. Plan now!!
**Please return your family research questionnaire.