Our weekly news 10/30-11/3

Focus Story- The Big Circle
Phonics skill-Long O (CVCe) Contractions-n't 'm and 'll
Grammar-Proper Nouns--Days of the week, month and holidays
Comprehension skill- Sequencing
Comprehension Strategy-Monitor and Fix up

**Please check out our Spelling City link for practicing our First Grade Sight words as well as Second grade words.
Just clink on link below. :)

Chapter 3 test
Review number sense skills, addition and subtraction fact strategies

Writing small moments with Bold Beginning,Mighty Middles and Excellent Endings.
*Writing with dialogue using speech bubbles

Discussing the parts of a plant
How do they grow and change

                                  News and Notes
**Our Halloween Party and parade is Tuesday, October 31st. The parade starts at 2:00!

**Please be sure your kiddo has appropriate coats for the weather change.

**We will be having our Parent Partner Friday, December 15th at 2:45 to make our Gingerbread Houses!    Mark your calendars now!!!!!
                               Your First Grade Team!