6th Grade-Ms. Ashley Phillips
Ms. Phillips joined Beadle this year! She completed an internship at Millard South Highschool & previously worked at PayPal for 10 years.  She attended Nebraska Wesleyan University where she earned her Bachelors in Social Work & then completed her Masters in Social Work at UNO.

7th Grade- Mrs. Jenny Powers
Mrs. Powers is in her 17th year as a school counselor at Beadle Middle School having previously taught Middle School Spanish for four years at Kiewit Middle School with Millard Public Schools. 
Contact Information: 402.715.6111    jepowers@mpsomaha.org

8th Grade- Mrs. Carey Jacobs
Mrs. Jacobs is in her 6th year as a school counselor at Beadle Middle School having previously spent five years as an elementary school counselor and two years as a Middle School Language Arts teacher with Omaha Public Schools. 
Contact Information: 402.715.6113    crjacobs@mpsomaha.org

The Role of the School Counselor:
  • To serve as a student and parent/guardian advocate with concerns related to academic, career, and social/emotional learning, growth, and success. 
  • To serve as a support to classroom teachers, administrators, and other school personnel with respect to students' academic and social/emotional needs and concerns. 
  • At Beadle, we are the only staff members who travel, or stay with, students for their entire middle school career, which allows us to forge close relationships with both the students and parents/guardians! 
What is a School Counseling Program?
  • "A school counseling program is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature. School counseling programs are designed to ensure that every student receives the program benefits. A comprehensive school counseling program will focus on what all students, from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, should know, understand, and be able to do in these three domain areas: domain, career, and personal/social." - ASCA National Model For School Counseling Programs (SECOND EDITION)
  • The operational structure and components of an effective school counseling program include four levels of influential systems, which include: Accountability, Management System, Foundation, and Delivery System. 
  • Effective school counseling program incorporate the four themes of leadership, advocacy, collaboration, and systemic change. School counselors play a significant part in improving student achievement and are uniquely positioned to be student and systems advocates. School counselors ensure equity and access to rigorous education for every student. 
When & How To To Contact Your Child's Counselor:
  • Never hesitate to contact your child's counselor with any questions, concerns, or insight that you may have or want to share. We value parents' and guardians' input tremendously and welcome the opportunity to visit and work with you for the welfare of your child. 
  • Feel free to call or e-mail using the contact information listed above. We will return your correspondence at our very earliest convenience. If it is an EMERGENCY situation, please contact the Main Office at 402.715.6100. 
  • Parents and guardians are frequently unsure whom to contact. Counselors are always more than happy to be your "go-to" contact and facilitate any other connections, as needed. 

We also have a School Social Worker & School Psychologist on Staff who serve ALL 6-8 students.
  • Jill Anderson serves both Central Middle School and Beadle Middle School in the role of social worker and is at Beadle Middle School about 1/2-1 day per week. Parents/guardians can contact her anytime, as needed: 402.715.6112; jmanderson@mpsomaha.org
  • Our social worker can assist students and families with various needs, such as information about food pantries, shelters, behavioral concerns, and other community-based supports, just to name a few. 
  • Beth Kocis serves both Reeder Elementary and Beadle Middle School in the role of school psychologist and is at Beadle Middle School approximately 2.5 days per week. Parents/guardians can contact Mrs. Kocis at 402.715.6112; eakocis@mpsomaha.org
  • Our school psychologist applies expertise in mental health, learning, & behavior to assist with students' academic, social, behavior and emotional growth while partnering with other stakeholders (parents/guardians, staff members, & community therapists).