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will be posting the band calendar, announcements, photos of performances, partial videos of concerts and any other useful information about the band program. See the site links above to navigate the website. Please visit often for any pertinent information that you may need to keep your information up to date!!



Please be watching the band website for cancellations due to weather. Cancellations will be as a result of more than 2" of snow.


Auditions and placement for High School Band

The students will be auditioning for their high school placement in band starting Monday, January 9th during school. Students should be practicing over the break so that they are ready to perform on video for the high school band directors. The videoing is to make sure we have the right student with the right audition. There had been some concern with audio only taping. Continue to encourage them to practice diligently for this audition.

8th Grade Band performs with MSHS Wind Ensemble. January 26, 2017 - 7pm

The 8th grade band will be perfoming with the MSHS Wind Ensemble on January 26th. Students will play two pieces that we have been working on in school. 8th Grade Band students should wear their black concert uniforms with red tie and black shoes.

March 7th is the AMS Cluster Concert!

5th Grade students from Ackerman, Black Elk, Neihardt and Upchurch Elementaries will be coming to Andersen to participate in the concert with the 6th Grade Band and the AMS Select Band, and the AMS Percussion Ensemble. Registration begins at 5:00pm and the rehearsal begins at 5:15pm. There will be a break for dinner (packed lunch and drink) and then time have a question and answer time with the 6th grade band and Mrs. Hall. Dress is black uniform and 6th grade is white tops and dark bottoms and shoes. Concert is at 7pm.

Andersen Band T-Shirts and Hoodies

We have the red Andersen Concert Band T-Shirts available for $10.00 in various sizes.  I have 5 Mediums at this time and 10 smalls. We also have the red Andersen Concert Bands Hoodie, which is required for 8th graders is available for $20.00.  We will be sending in an order on this item. This is part of the uniform that we use for the Millard South High School Marching Invitational Pregame Show at Millard South High School. Both of these are available until the supplies run out or we order more from our distributor. Email Mrs. Hall at mrhall@mpsomaha.org

Rental Instruments should be turned in no later than Monday, May 15th.

Mrs. Hall has to get all AMS and MPS instruments ready to be served by our local band instrument dealerships. In order to do that she must assess the instrument and what needs to be done to the horn to have it ready for next year. Getting your rental instrument to her in a timely fashion will help enormously in that endeavor. Thanks so much!


The AMS Select Concert Band received all Superior ratings at the Millard South Concert Band Festival!! Judges were well pleased with the maturity of the band and the rhythmic integrity with which they played their selections!! Great Job Band!!! So proud of all of you!!!

Finale Concert is May 16th!

All bands will perform for the May 16th Finale Concert in the Andersen Middle School Gym. This concert includes the band, choir and orchestra. It will be a very enjoyable concert and is the "graduation concert" for the 6th grade. After this performance they are officially in the "AMS Combined Band!"  6th graders should wear all black for this concert. 6:00 call time for the band members.

AMS Band Honors Night is Thursday, May 18th - 5:30pm

All band members and their families will gather in the AMS cafeteria for the 12th Annual Andersen Middle School Band Honors Night. We come together to celebrate the great things that our kids have accomplished, get to know our other band parents a little better, give some well-deserved recognition for outstanding performers, and send our 8th Grade Band Members off with a very fond farewell. Please come to this fun event. We ask that parents bring you family's favorite dessert plus enough for 8 more people. Please bring only finger foods or food that will not melt! Beverages will be provided by the band. See you there @ 5:30pm

Andersen Band Play Day is Saturday, May 20th - 10:45 arrival time at Pizza Machine in Millard.

The final event for the band is the Band Play Day on May 20th this year. Students will be arriving at 10:45 and we will enter together at 11:00am. We are excited for this time away from "playing" to have some time for PLAYING!!! Those students who have participated in the Butterbraid sale, which was to fund this event have their tickets to this event paid for. All other students are welcomed and wanted. There are various ticket prices at Pizza Machine. Tickets go anywhere from 15.00 to 40.00. Choose the ticket you want for your child and bring them in for a very pleasant day with their friends! Parents should drop the students off no earlier than 10:45 and pick them up at 3:00pm. After 3:15pm Mrs. Hall will be leaving and there will be no one there to supervise the students still at Pizza Machine. Parents if you would like to join your student as a chaperone we would be most happy to have you there. If a parent comes at 3:00pm and would like to stay and enjoy time with their child we encourage you to purchase a ticket and enjoy time and dinner with your child. We look forward to seeing everyone there!!