School Library

Welcome to the Madison Public School District Library!

The mission of the Madison Public Schools Library Media Services Department is to provide a facility and program to empower the 21st century learner with the ability to access and process information and ideas, and to support the educational goals of the school community.

The Library Media Services Department includes a professional library, audio and video services, technical and curriculum assistance, and professional development opportunities for all staff. The department provides online digital content resources to all MPS students and staff.

Madison Elementary Library is designed for students in PK – 5 grades, and their teachers. There are separate sections in this library for PK/K children, and “Everyone” section, Fiction, and Non-fiction sections. We also have added a section of Spanish books. The library is equipped with several computers that are used for card catalog searching and other research. Each of the classes in the elementary school have an allotted period for book check-in and check-out time. These classes are also taught a library lesson, appropriate for their age. The library is open for book checkout from 7:45-3:45 each weekday and other times as requested. Twice a year the library hosts a book fair, which is typically open for a week and open during the evening of Parent-Teacher Conferences. The profits from this fair are applied towards purchasing new resources for the library. The library is also open to various events that may come up throughout the year.

Madison Middle/High School library is designed primarily for students in 6-12 grade, and their teachers. The library is divided up into sections including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference, Biography, Teacher Professional Library, and AR. There are also areas where school yearbooks are housed, as well as DVDs and other resources. There are computers available for students who need to use the card catalog for searching. In our school, we promote reading in that we have allotted time periods where students and teachers are required to read “something”. This has opened an opportunity for students to enter the library and become more familiar with the resources within our school. The library is open from 7:45 – 3:45 weekdays with other times open as requested. Once a year, we host a book fair, which is open all day for one week. The profits are used towards expanding our book collection in the MS/HS library. As events come up throughout the year, the library will engage in as many activities as possible.