Mrs. Tarver's 5th grade Reading and Language

Welcome to Manila Middle School!

I'm so excited to meet my new 5th graders. I know we are going to have the best year ever at the greatest school on earth!

We are half-way done reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas! I love this book and hope the students do too.

Tentative Dates:

9/20- chapters 7-11 book test

9/ 27- 5 & 6 Bell Work test

10/5- Scholastic Book orders due... if you would like to order my online code is L4D2N or you can pay by check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs.

*If your student misses or gets behind, they can come into the lab before school on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday to catch up. I am usually here every day by 7:35.

Would you like to sign up for text reminders about tests for my class?

(I typically only send out 1 every 2 weeks.)

For 5th graders, text @5mmstarver to 81010