Ms. Frantti teaches Physics, Applied Physics, Astronomy, Geo
metry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and other science and math classes.  She is here to help her students be successful and will do anything she can to help them.  To check the course pages for assignments, click on the appropriate link at the left.

Ms Frantti grew up in Calumet, Michigan, and went on to study at Michigan Technological University.  She then moved to Munising to take a teaching job, where she has been ever since.

She has many hobbies and interests outside of physics, astronomy, and math.  She is a pianist, and teaches piano in the evenings.  Music is one of her greatest passions.  She is also an artist, doing watercolor painting, drawing, photography and jewelry.  Her watercolors are largely inspired by nature, especially images of space taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  Her drawings are largely inspired by people, emotions, and human nature.  As for photography, is there a better place to be than in the U.P.?  

Some of her other interests include reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with her nephews and niece.  You can see them in the photo at the right.  :)  Her overseas travels include China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Estonia, and Finland.

Ms Frantti is a NASA Astrophysics Educator Ambassador, training teachers from around the country in the wonders of newly discovered science.  The photo above shows her getting ready to do a NASA workshop at the University of Michigan in Flint.


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Ms. Frantti teaches science (physics and astronomy) and mathematics (math 8 and geometry currently) at the Munising Middle/High School.  She went to Michigan Technological University to get her bachelor's degree.  She later went on to get an enhanced master's degree (at NMU) and further schooling at multiple universities.

In addition to teaching in Munising, Ms. Frantti is a NASA Astrophysics Educator Ambassador.  The mission she's been appointed to represent is the Fermi Mission (website).  She does workshops and presentations, especially about the science related to the Fermi Mission, launched in 2008.  (The photo below was taken at the launch.)

Ms. Frantti grew up in Laurium.  She graduated from Calumet High School.  Below is a photo she took of the Portage Lift Bridge in Houghton.

In her spare time, Ms. Frantti has many hobbies and past-times.  She enjoys photography, watercolor painting, jewelry making, being by Lake Superior, writing, reading, traveling, and especially playing the piano.  By the way, Ms. Frantti has traveled overseas to China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, and Estonia.  The photo at the top is one she took while on an elephant safari in the mountains of northern Thailand.  The photo below is one she took at McLain State Park on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Ms. Frantti loves teaching.  If she was given the opportunity to choose any profession in the world, she would choose teaching.  Some of her finest moments in life have been when students have accomplished things they didn't know were possible, both big and small.