Christmas Concert is December 12th @ 1:30PM

4th Grade Science
Energize Everything: Energy & Motion

  • Mystery #1: How can a car run without gas?
  • Mystery #2: What makes roller coasters go so fast?
  • Mystery #3: Why is the 1st hill of a roller coaster always the highest?
  • Mystery #4: Could you knock down a building using only dominoes?
  • Mystery #5: Could you build a chain reaction machine?
  • Mystery #6: What if there were no electricity?

Math-Unit 3: Division of Whole Numbers

  • Divide with remainders
  • Relate 3-digit multiplication to division
  • Discuss 2-digit and 4-digit quotients
  • Digit by Digit method
  • Relate Three Methods
  • Divide by Any Method
  • Just-Under Quotient Digits
  • Estimate to Check Quotients
  • Make Sense of Remainders
  • Mixed Problem Solving
  • Focus on Mathematical Practices