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Make up work is detailed per assignment online and in class.  Make up worksheets can be grabbed from folders by door.

FORENSICS high school coach
English Department Head
I have taught English for more than 20 years and Spanish (at various levels) for about 15 years.

General Class Expectations

Homework Policy:    Assignments may be handed in one day after their due date, but the score earned will be reduced.   Assignments handed in more than one day past the due date will receive a no credit, unless previously arranged with instructor or unless stated otherwise in syllabus.

Makeup Work Policy:
 All makeup assignments are posted in the classroom and on the web site. It is the students' responsibility to get their makeup assignments when they return from being absent. Students are welcome to see instructor for clarification but should see homework postings first.  Students are encouraged to do this PRIOR to absence where possible.

 For excused absences, students will have one day plus the number of days absent to get the makeup assignments handed in. Makeup work handed in beyond the time allowed by school policy will receive no credit.

Students may redo assignment ONLY if requested or required by the teacher.  Multiple redos may be options in Spanish II.  No assignment may be redone that was not attempted in class or where student effort was not observed in class.

See school handbook.  Cheating on any assignment results in no credit.  This includes copying assignments, plagiarism, or using others in any way to do work other than the student him/herself.  Using the Internet to attempt Spanish instead of the student is also considered cheating.  Spanish (and English) dictionaries are provided in the textbooks and in class.  Other vocabulary may be handed out or posted on the website so online translators risk "cheating."

Usage of devices may be permitted, but only with instructor permission.  I prefer phones, iPads, etc. to be "parked" in my classroom "garage" or for items to not be on the students' person.

 ***Note: Students gone from class for sports or other school-related activities are required to get their assignments ahead of time. Any assignments received the day a student is gone for sports or school-business have the same due date as students attending class that day. Those students gone for sports or for school-business do not qualify for extra time under the school make-up policy.