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About me

My name is Kathryn Farney and I graduated with a English major and a Health minor in Secondary education. I graduated from Northern Michigan University in December 2014. I teach 6th and 8th grade Guided instruction classes, 7th grade computers, and run the school's Peer to Peer program. I love to travel, cook, and spend time with my husband and my dog.


8th G.I.

All week: Homework and Oddysseyware.

7th Computers

Monday 22- Start Natural Disaster Web Quest
Tuesday 23- Finish Web Quest. Due at the end of the hour
Wednesday 24- Start survival kit
Thursday 25- Survival kit
Friday 26- Make up day
6th G.I.

All week: News and Notes, Homework, and Oddysseyware.

Peer to Peer
Here is the link to the Moodle log in page:

Peers, at this point your final project should have been turned in. From this point on we will not have assignments for peer to peer, but you must still attend class with your linkee and continue to help them out. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Peer to Peer Agenda Due May 19

Final Project due Friday!!

*** For those of you who are not seniors, you will still go to classes with your linkee and help them out. There will be no more assignments for this class.

Peer to Peer Agenda Due May 12

May 12th you will give me a written copy of what your plan for your project is. Can be done in person or on Moodle.

On Moodle:

Semester 1 and 3- Week 15 project verification journal

Semester 2- Week 15 Final project idea.

P2P Agenda Due Friday May 5th

We will be having a meeting on Thursday May 4th during 2nd hour. We will be discussing your final project. Be sure to attend! 

Semester 1: Week 14

Watch video “Runner with autism makes great strides on the track.” http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/how-running-changed-life-boy-autism-n194051

Do Content Reflection. You can refer to just one (or both) of the videos to answer the following questions. Minimum of 5 sentences.

How did Stephen or Michael use his high interest area to his benefit? 

What would their lives be like if they weren't allowed to use their areas of extreme interest and talent? What if no one had given them a chance?

** Just focus on the track story since the other video doesn't work.

Semester 2: Week 14

Read article “Disability Awareness for You How you can help/be an advocate.” https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51aI6vEz3K2ZVB2STA0b29IVW8/view\

Do Content Reflection : Being an advocate. List three new concepts that you hadn't fully considered from this week's article "Being an Advocate”

Semester 3: Week 14

Read article “Life Animated.” http://moodle2.maresa.org/pluginfile.php/9733/course/section/1411/Life%20Animated.pdf

Do Journal: Life animated .How did Owen’s family figure out how to communicate with him?  How did it change Owen and his family’s life?

Peer to Peer Agenda Due Friday April 28th

Semester 1: Week 13

Watch “The World Needs All Kind of Minds” Ted talk 


Answer this. Journal- The world needs all kinds of Minds

The world really does need all kinds of minds. Why? What have you gained so far this year by working with students who's minds work differently? What do you think your community and the world can gain from different types of minds.

Semester 2: Week 12

Look at this powerpoint about celebrities who have disabilities. 


Answer this. Journal- Breaking Down Stereotypes

Write at least 5 sentences:

Choose one or two celebrities to write about.  How did this information surprise you?  How do you think their challenges impacted their success? 

Semester 3: Week 13

Watch Nike Adaptive shoes video


Read sign aloud gloves article


Answer this. Content Reflection Creative solutions. 

Answer both questions: (At least 5 sentences total)


Briefly explain how the gloves work.How does the Nike shoe allow a person with a physical impairment put on their shoe more independently?

Peer to Peer Agenda Due  Friday April 21st

*** Due to the snow day and testing Ms. Gaynor would like to try and take our P2P photo again on Wednesday morning. Meet in her room around 7:45ish if you are interested in being in the yearbook photo. Tell your links too! :)

Semester 1:

Week 12-  Week 12 .Watch these two videos. 

What it's like to walk down a street when you have autism or an ASD:


Autism and sensory sensitivity:


Do journal sensory considerations- What are some of the things that seem to bother the student(s) you work with? Cafeteria, gym class, noise in general, clothing tags, etc?

If you are not sure what are some possibilities?

Semester 2:  Week 10 . Watch this video

 The Power of Person First Language:


Do journal Person first language- Your response should be at least 5 sentences long.

You can answer any or all of the following questions.

1. What did you learn from the video and article this week?

2. How would you describe the student you work with or a student with a disability using person-first language? 

3. Why is first person language important?

Semester 3:Week 12

Read Social narrative overview article- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3yQncwmHUcjempJMi1iYzEwb2c/view

Do content reflection- Explain why social narratives are used.  Give two examples of other situations where someone might need a social narrative (think about situations and places where you naturally know how to act, but individuals with autism and other disabilities may need further explanation and teaching.) (At least 5 sentences)

Peer to Peer Agenda. Work due Friday the 14th

***Yearbook Picture will be this Wednesday at 7:45ish. Meet in Ms. Gaynor’s room.

Semester 1:  2 assignments this week

Week 9- Read this Aspergers article- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51aI6vEz3K2cld1dExVMUc2a1U/view

Content Reflection: Asperger’s Syndrome.  Answer the following: List three things that you learned from the "Asperger's Syndrome Basics" brochure.

Week 10- Read Growing up together article-  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51aI6vEz3K2ZDJWd3RqeVRSVUE/view

Content Reflection Growing up together: Must be at least 5 sentences.

Provide a one paragraph summary of the article.

Semester 2: 2 assignments this week

Week 8- Watch Keith Jones Featured in Film Including Samuel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwT0ikKekCc&feature=youtu.be

Do Forum: Can I get some Math? Answer this. What stood out to you about Keith's (from the video) story? (What surprised you?  Made you chuckle?  Made you mad?)  5 sentence minimum.

Week 9- Watch Who Cares About Kelsey? Extended Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN_Zfgxg0Aw&feature=youtu.be

Do Journal: Who cares about Kelsey? Answer this. Write about five challenges that Kelsey has to deal with on a regular basis.

Semester 3:

Week 11- Read this article. Man with muscular dystrophy sets off for European backpacking trip  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51aI6vEz3K2OGdrNGRCZ1N4bnc/view

Do Content reflection. Describe how Kevan’s life was impacted by his trip and his friends support.  What does he say he wants to do for others as a result? 5 sentences.


Peer to Peer Agenda 

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful spring break! 

The following is due this Friday, the 7th.


*** Be sure to get this work in, it will be your last assignment before grades are final.

Semester 1:

Week 8- Carly’s Response

Watch this video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMBzJleeOno&feature=youtu.be

Answer this question. 5 sentence minimum

What is at least one thing that you learned from Carly? What surprised you about her story?

Semester 2:

Week 7- Hearding Cats Response

Read this article- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51aI6vEz3K2NkdtNVYxZVFReWc/view

Answer this- Write a response to this mom. What would you say to her? What words of encouragement could you give her? Consider including your experience as a peer and the positive impact of this program. 

This should be at least 5 sentences.

Semester 3:

Week 8- 10 things you need to know Content reflection

Read this- http://moodle2.maresa.org/pluginfile.php/9733/course/section/1405/10%20Things%20Everyone%20Needs%20To%20Know%20About%20People%20Living%20With%20Down%20Syndrome.pdf

Answer this- List three of the ten things from the article on Down’s Syndrome that resonated with you the most.  Explain why.

Week 9- Content Reflection

Read this- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B51aI6vEz3K2UDVnLUlpNms2SnM/view

Answer this- What did you learn about what someone with autism might go through when they’re over stimulated (emotionally, physically, mentally)?  Also, how do people in the article explain how repetitive behaviors (stimming) help them to regulate or process. (At least 5 sentences)

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