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Lyndale school access code - 

Students have access to DreamBox this year at Lyndale.  Students will be playing at school during math workshop, but will also be expected to play the math games at home.  Students can log in at the link above.  You will need the school access code to get in the first time and then students put in their user names and passwords.  You can play online or get the app in the Google Play or App Store.  If you have any trouble with this, please email Mr. Menz at william.menz@mpls.k12.mn.us.

Some students will also have access to ST Math again this year.  ST Math will be used as an intervention for advanced students and others who are developing language skills in mathematics.  After school students may also use ST Math as a way to extend their math learning.  Students have their own picture password and will login to the app or above.

Check out these two examples of student work for this addition problem:
... this second grader was shown the standard algorithm too early.
Now, look at this example of another 2nd grader thinking about the whole number:
This is excellent thinking to break the number up into its place value.  Want to see how to help your student solve problems like this?  Check out the videos!

Here are examples of these types of thinking for subtraction:
Oh come on!  Seriously though, lets think about place value!  Check this out:
WOW!  That is excellent thinking.  Take away 20 from the entire number, then taking away 6 would get me to the decade number, so I just need to take away three more form the original 9.  Awesome!