Ms. Ismail's Math Classes

Course Telescoped Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra

Course Description: This is a high school course. In this course all of the basic skills and concepts of Algebra are presented. This is a foundation course to prepare students for all subsequent mathematics courses. Topics of the course will include the properties of real numbers, equations and inequalities, operations on polynomial and rational expressions, factoring, functions and their graphs, and problem solving.

Course Geometry

Course Description: This is a high school course. Geometry students will study points, lines, line segments, rays, planes, and vectors in their exploration of angles, polygons, circles, lengths, areas, and volumes. Mathematical patterns and life’s patterns will also be explored. Emphasis will be placed on congruent figures, as well as similar figures and their ratios, and right triangle trigonometric ratios. The concept of proof will be investigated and the utility of logic will be emphasized. Algebraic skills will be used to build further understanding of the interconnectedness of mathematics.


Course Telescoped Math 7/Algebra 8

Course Description:  Math 7/Algebra 8 is designed to develop the student’s arithmetic and algebraic skills necessary for problem solving and advanced mathematics study.  Instead of working with constant numeric quantities in arithmetic, Algebra uses variables.




MCA review

You will be taking your grade MCA math. This link has many resources to help you prepare for MCA. 

More resources from Mr. Lazur