Find stores in an area where coupons can be redeemed.



Request method:

Requires Authentication:

  • latrequired. Latitude of search centroid (units: decimal degrees)
  • lon. required. Longitude of search centroid (units: decimal degrees)
  • d. optional. Search radius (km). If you're unsure whether the user is near any stores, omit the 'd' parameter. The API will iteratively increase 'd' until at least one store is discovered. The value of d used to find the closest store is returned in the response. Currently, we stop searching at d=80.

To filter responses, try these parameters:

  • q. optional. An item to search for; defaults to everything (aka *:*)
  • (new) retaileroptional. Return deals for a specific retailer, only.
  • (new) categoryoptional. Return deals in a specific category.
  • (new) subcategoryoptional. Return deals in a specific subcategory
  • (coming soon) area_of_interestoptional. Return deals that match a broad category or activity (e.g., eating out, activities).
  • (new) lbsoptional. Deal location type. Allowable values include 'local', 'national', 'ecommerce'.
  • (new) mobile_compatibilityoptional. Filter by suitability on mobile devices. Allowable values include: 'great', 'good', 'poor', 'na'. See table below for full explanation.
  • (new) deal_qualityoptional. Filter transactions by "goodness". Allowable values include: 'great''good''fair'. (one might wonder about a 4th value, 'poor'. We work hard to prevent those entering our system.)
  • (new) acquisitionoptional. Filter transactions by delivery (a.k.a. transaction) method. We shall tweak this as new deals arrive, but currently we support'in store''in store pickup', 'printout''shipped'. [Aside: need table clearly explaining each]

Pagination options:
  • rows. optional. Number of coupons to return. Defaults to 10. Max rows is 200. Please don't abuse always fetching far more coupons than you'll ever need, consider using start instead. 
  • start. optional. Pagination; display search results starting at this position in the list. Defaults to 0 (aka, the beginning) if not specified. To fetch page 2 of search results, send start=10; to fetch page 3, send start=20, etc.

    A list of stores, including name, address, and other information.

            <arr name="acquisition">
            <str name="address">149 S. El Camino Real</str>
            <arr name="area_of_interest">
                <str>eating out</str>
            <arr name="category">
            <str name="city">Encinitas</str>
            <int name="coupon_count">1</int>
            <arr name="doc_type">
            <str name="lbs">local</str>
            <arr name="mobile_compatibility">
            <str name="phone">7609441065</str>
            <str name="preview_image">http://cdn-dev.mphoria.com/offers/images/res2_400637-25_320.jpg</str>
            <arr name="retailer">
                <str>Stadium Sports Bar &amp; Restaurant</str>
            <str name="state">CA</str>
            <str name="store">33.055326,-117.263733</str>
            <arr name="subcategory">
            <str name="thumb_100_url">http://cdn-dev.mphoria.com/offers/images/res2_400637-25_100.jpg</str>
            <str name="thumb_53_url">http://cdn-dev.mphoria.com/offers/images/res2_400637-25_53.jpg</str>
            <str name="thumb_75_url">http://cdn-dev.mphoria.com/offers/images/res2_400637-25_75.jpg</str>
            <float name="value_amount">15.0</float>
            <str name="value_text">$15</str>
            <str name="zipcode">92024</str>