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Our Generation Holds Video Contest for Best Ad About Term Limits

posted 1 Oct 2010, 05:40 by Mpelembe   [ updated 1 Oct 2010, 05:58 ]


 Answer "Why Congress Needs Term Limits" to win $12,000 and airing on national TV

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- If, like a majority of Americans, you believe we need to limit the number of terms politicians can serve in Congress, then make your voice heard by making a video and entering it in Our Generation's "Term Limits Video Contest." The advocacy spot must be 60 seconds or less and be submitted by Dec. 1, 2010. You can win a $12,000 cash prize — plus the winning entry will air on national TV as well as the organization's web site,


"It's your chance to let Washington hear what you think about career congressmen who enjoy a privileged position as America's ruling elite at taxpayer expense," said Rita Smith, executive director and founder of the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization.

In response to a questionnaire mailed to more than 1.6 million Americans nationwide earlier this year, Our Generation found that 96 percent of respondents supported a limit on congressional terms. Only 1.5 percent opposed terms limits while 2.5 percent were undecided.

Smith explained that the contest is another component of the group's campaign to reach more people — especially younger citizens — about term limits and the abuse of incumbency.

"The president and 37 governors have term limits, plus 15 state legislatures as well as eight out of the 10 largest cities in America adopted term limits for their elected officials, so why not Congress?" Smith remarked. "We're inviting citizens to tell the professional politicians on Capitol Hill why it's only fair the same limits should apply to them. We believe the best way to send that message is through a medium Washington understands — the advocacy commercial."

She added that you don't have to be an agency or ad man to submit a commercial; the contest is open to anyone and it's free to enter. Submissions will be judged on style, creativity, uniqueness and relevance to the topic. Multiple submissions per person will be considered. Note, the ad can neither endorse nor advocate the defeat of any individual member of Congress.

For submission guidelines, entry details, or to learn more about Our Generation's efforts to ensure a more responsible government through citizen awareness, advocacy and action, visit

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