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Collaborating in the Cloud

posted Jun 21, 2012, 6:50 AM by Mpelembe   [ updated May 10, 2015, 3:21 AM ]
 I wrote the  article titled "Mpelembe Network - Collaborating On The Web" in 2005 when we launched Mpelembe Network at the Landmark Hotel in London, UK. This was before Google Apps for Business and the Google Cloud Platform. I'm reposting it here with a revised title:

Mpelembe Network - Collaborating In The Cloud

Mpelembe Network is designed to reach the people who are creating 
companies, building products and launching new ideas.

Our Community empowers the creative, intuitive thought process of knowledge workers.
It enables individuals to save and share information discoveries or even the deductive paths that led to these discoveries to actively support the collaboration and the natural creation of like-minded communities.

The future is all about ideas. It's seeing what is and imaging, discussing, and planning what could be. It's also about connecting to the people that can help make great ideas a reality.

How quickly do you solve problems or train others? How effectively do
you manage projects when the project members are spread among different
offices in different time zones, or worse, on different continents? How
well do you track sales leads or customer support questions, even when
you are on the road? These questions are not new, but there is a
new way to solve them by using collaboration tools.

Are you willing to collaborate? Perhaps the question is, can you afford not to?

The ways in which people in companies work together and the ways
companies think and do business are undergoing radical and unavoidable
changes. What was once a business approach based on guarded and
proprietary information available only to a select few people within
an organization has become a business approach based on the need to
collaborate – both inside and outside the four walls of an enterprise.

As our global economy becomes more digital, businesses must drive down
costs to be competitive and to improve profits. Both the ability and
frequency of collaboration leads to improved organizational
performance and, thus, profits.

Indeed, to survive, an enterprise must be flexible enough to
collaborate externally with its suppliers and partners while fostering
that same environment among its employees. We must collaborate or we will surely

To embrace the collaborative enterprise, businesses will undergo a mind
shift. Traditional organizational structures will have to make way for
an open attitude towards every individual and every organization with
which they work. This is the direct result of the rapid acceptance of
the Internet as the medium for information exchange between employees,
businesses and other organizations, customers and suppliers.

Mpelembe Network supports distributed project teams with a secure,
Web-native environment that removes geographic barriers and increases
collaboration. Project teams share calendars and workflow notifications,
capture files, documents, discussions, information from third-party data
sources, and anything else relevant to a specific project. Mpelembe
Network gives you the ability to:

1) Build communities around projects and other initiatives

2) Improve communication across the expanded enterprise

3) Support flexibility and creativity for virtual teams and global

4) Leverage the Web for knowledge management

5) Gain productivity and efficiency improvements

As the company grows will continue to focus on interactive
communication and information sharing between employees, customers,
and business
partners working on a common task and on forming a virtual community of
shared interests and goals. Mpelembe Network delivers the information,
insights and networking opportunities that you need to succeed in a
world running on Internet time. Creating life long links