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Zara launches online shopping site

posted 2 Sept 2010, 04:28 by Mpelembe   [ updated 2 Sept 2010, 04:33 ]
Spanish retailer Zara begins selling its fashion collection online.
VARIOUS-ZARA SNAP - Zara has made an online fashion statement by selling their fashion label over the internet.

The brand owned by Inditex has opened their new online store in several European countries including Britain, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Spanish retail giant Inditex's online presence has been long-awaited and their web sales could boost their profits by around 10 percent.

Inditex is the world's biggest clothing retailer overtaking Gap Inc.

More shoppers are taking advantage of internet shopping due to high speed connections and easy access to stores from home.

Consultants Forrester predict online retail sales to rise to 144 billion dollars in Western Europe by 2014 from 87 billion dollars in 2009.

Inditex plans to widen its online presence into the U.S, Japan and South Korea next year.

Basmah Fahim, Reuters.