Hillview DDL Parent Participation

Welcome to the Parent Portal for the Hillview Middle School Digital Drivers License Parent Participation!

The course is designed to ensure successful integration of technology for your student at Hillview, educating them to be efficient, productive, and responsible users of technology having support both at school and home built into the program.

Each lesson has the following information: 
At the top of each page: 
What the parent participation pieces are, the timeline, and key vocabulary used in the lesson that would be good to use in conversations with your student.

At the bottom of each page: 
    1 - Instruction/Information presented to the students for your review 
    2 - Students Processing of the content in the lesson.

 *Note: this site works best on a computer versus a hand held device

For any questions or further information, please contact Mrs. Martin at mmartin@mpcsd.org or 650-326-4341 ext. 2901.

Below are lessons (hyperlinked to lesson) the students will be completing and the timeline. To access the lesson, either select below or use the dropdown menu in the navigation bar above.

Lesson                     Lesson Title                                                            Required Action
1                                iPad Expectations                                                         Sign and return the AUP
2                                Family Device Contracts & Media Agreement         Sign and return the Media and Device Contracts
3                                Scams and Schemes                                                    At-Home Activity
4                               Multitasking                                                                   Sign and return Media Habits and Multi-tasking                                                    
5                               Google Apps Challenge
6                                Media Consumption
7                               Digital Footprints
8                              Copyright and Fair Use
10                             Technology Addiction
11                             Strategic Searching
12                             Explain Everything Challenge
13                             Safe Online Chatting
N/A                           Enabling Parent Restrictions on iPads