Welcome Back! This is going to be our best year yet!
Beyond Me Challenge! 

Building on our amazing challenge last year, Motivated Me, we are challenging our students to look beyond themselves and our community and really embrace diversity!

We want our students to take time to really learn about people from different communities, cultures and parts of the world.  Be empathetic and understand people that are different from you. Finally we want the kids to do something for someone else!

Our goal is that all Oak Knoll "students Learn, Understand and Do." Each class will be given a poster in which they are trying to earn badges that signify they have done something as a class to to Learn, Understand and Do. In K-5 the challenge is to do one in each category.   Of course they can do more!

The Dovetail Learning Toolbox 

This year as part of Oak Knoll's social emotional learning program all student K-5 will be continue to learn about the   Dovetail Learning Toolbox. The 12 tools are things we always have with us and many of them are things we already use.  This program is just going to give us common language.  I will be introducing the 12 tools to the classrooms during my September classroom visit.  Then on KNOL every Tuesday for 12 weeks I will do Tool Time Tuesday and highlight one of the 12 tools.  This link will take you to the list of tools and their symbol.  Families can use these tools at home as well.
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