C L U B   I N V E N T O R Y


Yaesu FT-890
Yaesu MH-1 Microphone
Homebrew Level Converter (Computer Interface for Above)
Gateway Solo 2300 Laptop (repeater use)
IBM  Laptop (Field use)
Powerpole Distribution Box (Home made)
2 push up poles 30 ft.
1 push up poles 40 ft.
1 Easy-up with side curtains
1 easy-up with out side curtains.
160 meter doublet antenna
Various ropes
coffee pot
8 3" ground Anchors
10 2" Tent anchors
1 Horse Shoe Set
Code Quick Tapes
1 4-foot galv. ground rod and clamps
matched rope guy set for 30-50' telescoping mast
12V Powersonic 100 Ah. gell cell battery


Yaesu VXR-5000
CAT 1000 CAT controller
CAT DVR-1000 Digital Voice Recorder
CAT WX-200 Wx receiver.
Astron RM-50 Power Supply
ICM Line Voltage monitor ICM491
Exide Battery Charger
Custom Interface Box
TE Systems 1412RR RF Amp
Mirage Power Amp
1 set (6) Wacom 641 bandpass/band reject cavities

wooden enclosure
2 light bulb assemblies (for heat)
ARR P144VDA Preamp
DB Products 224 folded dipole array
Homebrew Wx receiver antenna
coax feedline to antenna
CATV hardline to WX antenna
Supercrank Battery
Hamtronics Kit 2m receiver
Hamtronics kit 2m exciter
Hamtronics kit 45W 2m amp
ACC model RC-85 repeater controller
12V 60Ah gel-cell batteries qty 10
Maxrad commercial VHF antenna Model MBR-1503 qty 4