Welcome to Mount Vernon Orchestra!!!

We are very lucky to have orchestra in 4th-12th grade here in the district. Many kids get the chance to make beautiful music with their friends and peers. We are developing lifelong skills that go far beyond the music room and far beyond our school years.


Tabitha Rasmussen


I have been teaching in Mt. Vernon for 15 years. I'm the oldest of 9 kids and grew up in and around Iowa City. I graduated high school from Iowa City High. I then attended the University of Iowa and received my Bachelor's of Music, performance and teacher certification. My teaching experience includes, 4 years in Lamoni, 2 years in Davenport and 16 years at the Preucil School of Music. I have two girls, who are very musically talented, 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 bunny and several fish. My favorite thing to do in my past time, besides play music, is to read. I especially love to lay in bed on a lazy weekend morning and read.


The Piano Guys-The Cello Song

Slightly Musical-The Evolution of Music

Slightly Musical-Super Smash Bros=


Lindsey Sterling-Mission Impossible

Lindsey Stirling-Shatter Me

Nathan Chan-Let It Be

Time for Three-"Bach Double"

Time for Three-Stronger

2 Cellos-Thunderstruck

Simply Three-Counting Stars

Violin Super Mario!

The Dueling Fiddlers-"Yo Fo Leah"

The Dueling Fiddlers-Pachebel Canon Mashup

Bass-Flight of the Bumblebee

All About the Bass


Octobasse & Cello

Aerial Violinist

Forget About that Bass-cello