Vertical Articulation Team Meetings Schedule 2014-15 First Semester

Mount Vernon Community School District

Professional Development Plan 2014-2015

Time Structure for 2014-2015 Professional Development:

1:00-2:30--Building Professional Development

2:30-4:00--Vertical Articulation or District Professional Development

District Goal: Develop a continuous improvement process for curricular content, instructional method and assessment.

1. Each building will facilitate professional development on every early out with the focus centered School Improvement Plans and tied to the MV District Goals. The goal of the  building level meetings will be improvement of instructional practices to raise student achievement. Data will be gained from common formative and summative assessments. The building level professional development will be planned and facilitated by the individual principals and building leadership teams.

2. Each early out will consist of district vertical articulation time. Specific curricular areas will focus on the K-12 scope and sequence as well as innovative/creative methodology. During this time curricular area teams will meet to evaluate current practices, instructional methods, & assessments. Curricular teams will be expected to create a plan for improvement over the course of the year. A 1st semester Vertical Articulation schedule is attached. At the end of each meeting the curricular area will complete a template that outlines outcomes of team time as well as recommendation for the 2nd semester meetings.  Meeting focus and outcomes will be determined prior to the scheduled vertical articulation date. Teams will document meeting minutes and share with building principals.

District Goal: Develop personalized student learning plans focusing on the whole child-social emotional and mental health.

1. The district wide school counselors and nurses will meet regularly during district professional development time to develop a continuous cycle for supports during transitions of students from one building to another.

2. District wide counselors and nurses will meet regularly during district professional development time to identify the mental health needs of students and the best way to service all students. This team will also identify a process to track students with documented supports so their support is continuous and ongoing.

Vertical Articulation Team Meetings Schedule

2014-2015  First Semester

Vertical Articulation Time 2:30-4:00

Wednesday, Sept 10th: 7-12 Math  

Wednesday, Sept 24th: Spanish K-12 @ HS

  PE K-12 @ MS

  Music K-12 @ HS

  Art K-12 @ Elem

  Reading K-6 (1-4pm) @Elem

Wednesday, Oct. 8: 7-12 Math

         Conference prep for elementary

Wednesday, Oct. 22: Social Studies K-12

School Counselors and Nurses K-12 @ Elementary

PE K-12 @HS

Music K-12 @ Elementary

Art  K-12 @ MS

                                  Social Studies K-12 @ HS

Thursday, Nov. 13: Spanish K-12 @ HS

       Science K-12 @ MS

       Language Arts K-12 @ Elementary

Wednesday, Dec. 10: School Counselors and Nurses K-12 @ HS

PE K-12 @ Elementary

Music K-12 @ MS

Art K-12 @ HS

Social Studies K-12 @ MS

Second semester meetings will be determined based on the outcome sheets completed at the K-12 curricular area meetings. Each team will recommend their future meeting needs and a schedule will be set prior to January 1st.