The Curriculum Renewal Process

After all Critical Issues for Team Consideration have been addressed, those on cycle can follow this process: 

5 year cycle of curriculum renewal

At the end of the evaluation cycle using the critical issues, if curriculum renewal is needed the curricular area team will make a recommendation to their building principal. Each building principal will then make a recommendation to superintendent.

The decision will then be made as an administrative staff which resources/materials would be building budget items and which would be district curriculum budget items.


September: Schedule 1st semester meetings for in-depth curriculum review/evaluation with K-12 team. Receive approval from building principals on dates that work for district.


October-December: Meet with K-12 curricular area team to look at K-12 scope and sequence, look for holes in curriculum and make sure all common core standards are being taught at correct grade level. Follow document provided to K-12 teams.


By the end of the 1st semester: Building representatives meet with principal to discuss outcomes of 1st semester meetings, as well as purchasing of resources that support the curriculum.


By end of January: Building principals meet with superintendent to discuss viability of purchases.


By the end of March: K-12 curricular area teachers present work that has been done, changes to curriculum and proposed changes of resources/materials to school board.


April: Building principals makes recommendations to superintendent.


5 Year Curriculum Renewal Cycle:  (please add Business, Industrial Tech, Technology, Family Consumer Science, Industrial Technology, Language Arts, Guidance)

 Social Studies, K-6 Reading,  Math  Leader: Ms. Jones, Art, Music, World Lang,  PE/Health (thede), Science (Thede) and CTE

2013-2014                                                                   2014-2015

K-12 Social Studies                                                     K-12 World Languages 

K-6 Reading                                                                K-12 PE/Health Leader: Mr. Thede                                                          

2015-2016                                                                   2016-2017

K-12 Math  Leader: Ms. Jones                                   K-12 Science: Leader: Mr. Thede

K-12 Art                                                                      9-12 CTE

K-12 Music



K-12 Language Arts  Leader: Ms. Jones 

K-12 Social Studies Leader: Mr. Haugse 

N.Gunn 2014