Welcome to the Mount Temple Geography Department web site.  It is still evolving so please let me have your comments and suggestions.  Our schemes of work are now available on this site.  Please read them so that you will know how the course is being taught to the students and where we are at any stage through the syllabus.  We are reviewing these schemes of work at the moment and are starting on a new revised Scheme for this years first years in order to mix up the topics and give a sample of all  types of geography in  first year.


If you are a parent reading this please take an interest in the topic we are studying so that you can support our students.  Please look out for in class tests as we ask all parents to comment and sign all tests. 


The first years are at various stages of the scheme depending on their teacher and form.  We are mostly on physical geography at the moment, looking at weathering and erosion and the work of rivers.


Second years are very much involved in Economic Inequality and this will be current for the next few weeks.


Third Years are completing their final topic which is urbanisation and then it's exam preparation and revision to get the best of the each student for the exams.  Revision is key for the Easter Holidays and we'd ask all students and parents to work on their subjects over Easter. Revision sheets and a study checklist are up on the site to get going.


Fifth Years have two big areas of complete this year.  They are presently doing Regional geography which is very detailed.  Students should keep revising and studying the material covered in class and keep up to date as the pace is fast and there will be limited time at the end of sixth year to go over this again.


Sixth year students are close to completion of the course.  There are a few elements that are outstanding and their teachers will be working with them on these.  


We are also planning for the completion of their Geography Investigation Booklets.  This is 20% of their overall exam so very important.  These are due after Easter and the majority of the students have completed their booklets.  Fair Play.


There is a link to the NCCA Curriculum and Syllabus Guides for both Junior and Senior Geography from this site.