Village/Town of Mount Kisco ~ Westchester County, New York


The information contained in this website was compiled by the Conservation Advisory Council of Mount Kisco from varied informational sources current at the time. Articles are provided as a resource for further learning, do not necessarily represent the views of the Village of Mount Kisco, and should not be considered the final word on matters of the environment, conservation or health.


















Who Are We?
The CAC is an advisory body to the Village Board of Trustees on matters affecting the natural and built environment of the Village. The Council studies issues affecting the environment, open spaces, wetlands and water resources and conveys its views, ideas and recommendations to the Mayor and Trustees. The CAC’s Global Warming Task Force directs initiatives aimed at combating climate change.  

Mission Statement

· To advise the Planning Board and Village Board of Trustees regarding matters related to the protection of natural resources and the overall quality of the environment in the Village of Mount Kisco.

· To attend meetings of the above agencies, make visits to sites where development is proposed, review and provide recommendations on applications for development.

· To be a source of information on environmental matters, including threats to natural resources, biodiversity, traffic and more.

· To conduct an ongoing program of public information in the community to foster increased understanding of the nature of environmental issues.

· To maintain liaison and communications with public and private agencies and organizations of local, state and national scope, whose programs and activities have an impact on the quality of the environment.

· To recommend to the Town Board changes in the existing local laws and ordinances relating to environmental control, and to recommend new local laws and ordinances when needed.

· To advise and make recommendations with respect to zoning and land use vis a vis the Comprehensive Master Plan of Mount Kisco

· An important subcommittee of the Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC), the mission of the CAC’s Global Warming Task Force is to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.