Eighth Grade Science is exciting and full of new surprises!!! 


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To see the project standards and targets, click HERE

-Process- To create our Slideroo, Angela and I went through a meticulous procedure as seen below. Overall, it was unbelievably enjoyable and informational. The challenging part was actually learning how to play our instrument. Neither of us could vibrate our lips enough to actually create the sound. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this project. We used an online sound simulation to carry through with our studies (see it HERE), conducted research on sound waves, didgeridoos, and bees to go in depth on each subject related to the project (see it below), and finally created our Slideroos. Below is a step by step process we used to complete the project. 
  1. Conduct research on elements in the project (i.e. sound, didgeridoo history, and bees) and plan didgeridoo production step by step. 

    Autumn Didgeridoo Project

            2. Use simulations and online sound labs to experiment with sound. (See it HERE)
            3. Get together with partner and begin Slideroo making. 
            4. Paint Slideroos. 
            5. TA-DA! 

-Thoughts- I feel especially proud of this project because of the high quality I think it is. Angela and I both put in a lot of effort into our research and our Slideroo itself. I particularly like the in depth research that we got to conduct for this project. I do think that it helped me tremendously when considering the purpose behind this project. If I were to change something, I would do a physical lab along with the online lab. I think it would have been neat if we could have seen the speakers with sand or something similar to that to intrigue us even more. 

-What Would Others Think-
If other people saw Angela and I's sound research and final Slideroo, I believe they would presume that we are both somewhat committed to our  education and that we are unbelievably weird. Our research packets were very well written and thorough as said by Mr. Walser. But our Slideroo is a unique one. We decorated it with animals.... but hybrid animals. I guess you'll just have to see our elephant-giraffe-monkey-whale on planet Earth clouds held up by a purple panda. 

What's With the Weather???

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What's with the weather? 
In this project, using our recently learned skills in predicting the weather, we performed a weater forecast in front of the class. To see mine, click HERE. (MINE IS THIRD FROM THE BOTTOM!)

In this project we collected the current climate conditions in two locations and compared them in a contrast essay. Here are my products of this project. 

Autumn's Weather Data

Autumn's Weather Contrast Essay

Blast Off

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With my lovely partner, Brianna Garcia, we conducted an experiment to test a certain variable on rockets. Here is ours!!!

Fly Like the Wind!!!

More Geologic Time Scale Stuff!

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We had to research a certain time period and make a video about it. Here is ours!

Neogene and Paleogene .m4v

Geologic Time Scale Mini Project

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Well, we just began our Life Science study!!!! First, we are looking at where life came from! We had to explain some of Earth's history using a scale model. Grace P. and I made a whiteboard time lapse. Here it is!

Time Lapse WhiteBoard 7th Grade.m4v


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We are currently in the process of testing certain subjects we got to choose. I am studying the how the kicking foot affects distance and height of a kicked soccer ball. Will update as the project goes along!!!

Soul Food

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Our Seventh Grade is compiling a recipe book of some of our favorite treats! HERE is a website that I made for my recipe. 
Here is my recipe page!

Autumn S. Soul Food Project Template


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For science, we have been glancing over the periodic table and electrons along with how organization is everywhere. In science today, we had a lab set up and we differentiated acids from bases and neutrals. We would find a substance and add cabbage juice to it and see where the substance would fit on the pH scale depending on the color. FUN!!!


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In class for math, we have been working on surface area and volume of objects. We are identifying the equations for certain shapes: prisms, triangles, regular polygons, and the Pythagoriam theorem: a squared + b squared = c squared. 

Bridge Documentation

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This is a video of Zoe and I's bridge process.

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