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Please take some time to browse through important dates and documents at the following site: link.

Moving Past Infinity

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8th Grade Students and Parents: 

As many of you know, we have spent the better part of the first two months of the year working on an overarching project theme entitled "To Infinity & Beyond."  We have built rockets, roller coasters & potato cannons, explored the metric system, considered fundamental measurements and the units we use to quantify them, and explored fundamental laws of the universe during in-depth studies of motion, forces, and energy.

Students are currently working on their capstone projects, which consist of a five paragraph technical paper on a scientific concept related to their project, the design and implementation of an experiment that tests a hypothesis, the construction of a contraption that demonstrates important physics concepts, and a creative component consisting of an illustration, poem or creative writing piece capable of bringing the scientific concept to life.  All components of the project are due Friday, March 16th and must be turned in on time if student hope to receive full credit.

Students are also spending classroom work-time correcting tests, making up missing assignments, and continuing to improve their comprehension of the physical universe as we know it.  Please take some time to look through your students' grades by logging into PowerSchool ( and reviewing what assignments need to be finished or improved by your students.

A summary of "To Infinity & Beyond's" components can be found by clicking on the following link.

Mr. Walser

Welcome MMS Inaugural Class

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Welcome to Mountain Middle School's Class of 2012!  We are incredibly excited to join you in what we believe will be one of the most innovative project based learning schools found in Colorado and even the United States.  Please take a minute to review MMS's mission:

Within a supportive and safe culture, Mountain Middle School integrates technology and project-based learning into a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that prepares students to succeed in the 21st Century as self-motivated, innovative thinkers who seek to resolve challenges collaboratively.

A Clean Classroom

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Part of creating a "safe and supportive culture" involves respecting and caring for one's environment.  As a startup charter, we are scraping for every penny and, as many of you know, we do not employ a janitorial staff.  This being the case, it is essential that ALL students do there part when it comes to keeping track of assignments, throwing away garbage and chipping in with classroom chores such as sweeping, stacking chairs and maintaining tools & supplies.  Please remind your children that several dozen students inhabit each of our six classrooms every day.  Space is tight and taking care of what we have is essential if we hope to create a fully functional learning environment that lives up to our charter's vision for Mountain Middle School.

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