Fundraising Update

Mountain Middle School Must Raise $17,000 by June 1!

Mountain Middle School must raise $17,000 to help pay off the construction loan that allowed us to open our doors our first year.  What a year it has been!

We have raised approximately $8,000 to date - we  need to raise the remaining $17,000 by the end of our school year.  Here are some ways we can do that:
  • If each student raises $50, we would bring in $8,400 – nearly half of our goal.
  • If each family that could were to supplement the students’ efforts with $500, with just 20 families donating, we would raise $10,000 more.
  • If every family sponsored just a small event and raised $200 by inviting friends and neighbors to have fun for a small admission fee, we could raise over $20,000. 

If everyone gets involved in some way, our goal can easily achievable.  
Please get involved.  We need your support to help end this year and get ready for our next successful school year.  Here are things you can do:
  • Hold a Molehill Event by June 1. We have reintroduced our Molehill Event Program to help us meet our goal. 
  • Write a check.  Ask friends and family to write a check. 
  • Collect your spare change.  Cash bags are available at MMS 
  • Brainstorm.  Think of ways we can fundraise. Volunteer to help out.
Your support of Mountain Middle School is critical to our success! 
We appreciate your participation and involvement, at whatever level possible.

Molehill Events

For an update on current Molehill Fundraising events, or to learn how you can host, or participate in an event, click the image below.