See below for an overview of this year's projects with some examples of beautiful student work!

Project #4: The Global Gap

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Essential Question: What causes the gap between Haves and Have Nots and what are the "best" ways to help solve issues of global concern in order to narrow this gap?  

Final Project Links:

Examples of Student Work (Click on the Underlined Phrases for the link):

Project #3: American Dream: Myth or Reality?

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Essential Question: 
To what extent have civil rights movements created equal opportunity for all citizens?

Examples of Student Work:


"Equality" by Drew, Anish and Sienna

Project #2: With Liberty and Justice For All?

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See the attached document for the 7-week syllabus of this project.

Legacy Project

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Please see the attached documents for a description of our historical figure research and our legacy project.

Please note: some of these have changed slightly, but due to time constraints on Ms. Carruth, she has been unable to update them.  Updates will come in time for next year's Legacy Project students! :)

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