Mrs. Kappes

Hello and welcome to PE.  This section will be a quick introduction of who I am as your teacher. Maybe you'll find some things that we have in common.

Spending time with my family. Reading, Eating healthy (at least I try), Pinterest, Horseback Riding, Most things that involve activity, including camping in the summer.  Playing and watching sports.  I like to embroider by hand.  I like to play guitar and write songs.  I like scrapbooking and being creative with crafts.  I love redecorating my house.  I like to do a lot of things and keep busy, as you can see.

My family:
Consists of my husband Tim, my dog Copper, and  2 daughters Casey and Kelly.

Teaching Career:
This is my 13th year teaching.  I spent 2 years in North Dakota teaching at a Native American Boarding School, then moved on to many buildings throughout the Mounds View School District. Now I am so happy to find myself teaching at Valentine Hills Elementary School for my 6th year.

Webapge: This webpage is designed to help you and your child understand the PE classroom, give you the necessary details of how to communicate with me, and other helpful tips to help your child be successful in their physical fitness and health.  Throughout the year this website will provide more links and useful information to help with health and fitness. It will also indicate what we are working on currently in class and the next units to be working on. 

Standards In Physical Education

Physical Education National Standards by IllustriousStudio on Etsy, $30.00