7th Grade Media Lit

Students will work in small teams toward becoming experts on a problem or issue from the 'Screenagers' documentary that they found most interesting. In addition to frequently reading, writing and discussing their chosen topic, students will engage in inquiry-based research that requires them to survey and interview individuals, conduct small social experiments, and/or use crowdsourcing to gather large data sets. Once they’re able to define their chosen issue in ways that demonstrate empathy for a group of people significantly impacted by it, they’ll use their expertise to design and test a solution tailored to their targeted audience. Alongside the development of critical literacy and interpersonal communication skills, the course is designed to grow students’ abilities to Collaborate, Reflect, Engage, Advocate, Think and Explore (iCREATE).  

All assignments, calendars, and information for this class will be posted in Google Classroom. Please feel free to join our classroom! Simply email me and let me know you'd like to be added and I will invite you :)

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