Honors Writing Portfolio


(All resources for learning are posted on Google Classroom.)

Writing UnitsĀ  (Due dates may change, so check Google Classroom.):
- perspective research paper analysis final draft is due 11/31
- This I Believe personal narrative final draft is due 12/13
- film review final draft is due 1/16
(Due to the many drafts and many opportunities for feedback throughout the writing process, there is no rewrite opportunity for any of the papers. Students are encouraged to seek feedback and to apply feedback along the way, so that relearning is embedded into the writing process.)

Grammar Units (Test dates are liable to change. Check Google Classroom regularly.):
- parts of speech test is 9/24
- word usage test is 10/8
- punctuation I test is 11/30
- punctuation II test is 11/21
- editing test is 12/19
- grammar final is 1/23

(Relearning information for all grammar unit tests (except for the final) will be posted in Google Classroom.)