Welcome to my science page

Welcome everyone to my science page. Note: I'm using Google Classroom as my webpage because it is a one stop shop for all student's classes. Please see your student's Google Classroom page for assignments, labs, notes, forms, hyperdocs and any other general information. If you have any questions about Google Classroom please email me.

Brent Crooks



Best time to contact me is via email.

Relearning: I'm available for relearning on most Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings. If your child can get here around 7:00-7:10 on these days that would be great. I realize this might not be possible, so they can come right to my room after they get off bus. We will still have 10-15 minutes before their 1st hour starts. If they would like to come in on one of these mornings please have them let me know what day and time. If they just show up without letting me know, I might not be in my room. They also should fill out the relearning form linked below.

Relearning Form. Please fill this out and bring to me for relearning and we will set up a time for the retake after looking at this.