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Reading Syllabus

Edgewood Middle School Course Syllabus


Course Title:  Basic Reading                                                    Teacher:  Mrs. Stephanie Hurtado (previously Krebs)

E-Mail:                        Phone:  651-621-6678


Course Description: 

The Basic Academics Reading Class is a year long class designed for students grades 6 – 8 who are in need of a more structured, supported, learning environment.  The district outcomes will apply here as they do in all reading classes, although the method of teaching will differ.  The students will participate in a reading program such as Edmark, Reading A->Z, or System 44.  The materials used provide a research driven, multisensory approach.  The repetitive sequential program guides the students from concrete to symbolic learning.  They will also participate in project based periods, work on writing, and visit the school library. 

Class Requirements/Expectations:

All students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  This includes towards staff, property, learning, other students, and themselves.  Students are expected to participate (pay attention, respond), apply concepts, maintain new skills, and try their best.   


Grading Policy:

Grades are based on individual progress made during the quarter as well as participation and effort/motivation.  Some students may be graded on an alternative system such as using an “S” for satisfactory/adequate progress or a “U” for unsatisfactory/inadequate progress instead of “A – F”.

Grading Scale:
A = 100 - 90% 
B = 89 - 80%
C = 79 - 70%
D = 69 - 60%
F = 59% and below  


Materials Needed for Class: Students should bring their planners, a pencil, and a positive attitude.  Other materials will be provided in class.